Cloud Collaboration Transform Your Meeting Room Into a Creative Powerhouse

  • BenQ
  • 2017-05-02

What could your business accomplish if everyone were rowing in the same direction? Many people have talked about the profitability gains from innovation, collaboration and creativity, but few have focused on how to generate profits. The simple solution is to upgrade your meeting room technology.

What Do Corporate Employees Need?

Forrester pointed out in a study that "IT and facilities workers consistently underestimate the challenges and overestimate the effectiveness of technology-enabled meetings at their companies. IT, facilities and information workers in our study have an appetite for enhanced collaboration capabilities, which our research suggests can improve productivity, engagement and business initiatives, as well as staff growth and retention."

Here are some of the important findings and recommendation from Forrester:

● A study by Forrester concluded that "outdated collaboration technologies stifle productivity, slow revenue growth and impede time-to-market."

● 83% of information workers said all they need for better productivity are advanced collaboration tools.

● 70% of respondents are looking for a cloud-based workspace where they can create, edit and share ideas across time zones.

● 57% of respondents said that scalable touch-enabled interactive display is the answer.

● Explore next-generation collaboration solutions to improve productivity, effectiveness in meetings and employee retention.

● Keep up with the mobile revolution by upgrading in-office technologies.

● Embrace a comprehensive solution that uses touchscreen-enabled devices with strong remote collaboration features.

Why Cloud Collaboration Matters

Time is the most critical non-renewable resource in business. Companies that make the best use of their time have an unbeatable market advantage that accelerates their growth. The importance of time management has triggered the mobile revolution and now 81% of businesses depend on cloud-based applications. With businesses gradually migrating from desktops to mobile devices, the percentage of corporate employees working remotely has soared and meeting efficiency has been reduced as a result.

Although cloud collaboration tools are the best answer for facilitating more collaborative meetings unrestricted by time, place or device, companies have been acting slow to adapt their meeting habits. A report on The State of Mobile Enterprise Collaboration found that only about a third of the companies have interactive cloud collaboration tools they need in order to succeed. Market leaders are taking advantage of that disconnection.

On the other hand, collaborative technology can be intimidating, even for some IT specialists. A survey by AVI-SPL indicated that more than half of IT professionals consider their meeting room systems to be too complicated and hard to use. Three out of four said that they have experienced difficulties with the technologies inside their meeting rooms. For cloud collaboration technology to be valuable, it has to be both sophisticated and simple enough to use.

The Future of Meetings

Meeting spaces of the future will be intuitive, interactive, connected to the network and flexible enough to change setups throughout the day. Corporate AV system integrators and other industry specialists surveyed by IACC have defined their vision of the future trend of meeting room technology over the next 3 to 5 years. Two-thirds of the interviewees said that flexibility of meeting room system is their top priority, while 65 percent of them want to have reliable access to interactive whiteboards.

The solution must have a wide range of built-in functions and ports, while offering installation flexibility for different setups. It must also allow presenters to launch what they need by simply touching the screen. The final piece of this puzzle is access to the cloud so that meeting participants can access and collaborate on documents with other team members from anywhere in the world.

Perhaps the most unexpected development in this field is that all corporate employees need in order to be creative and productive are contained within one single device: the new Google Jamboard .

Introducing Google Jamboard

Imagine a device that incorporates all the most advanced collaboration technologies in one interactive flat panel display and you will get Google Jamboard. It is a touch-driven digital whiteboard capable of facilitating Full HD video conferences. Users can also collaborate with others in real-time, while saving their works to the cloud.

The expansive 55-inch, 4K panel display includes a wide angle 1080p webcam, refreshing at 60 hertz. Team members can connect nearly any device they need since Google Jamboard comes with ports for HDMI 2.0, USB Type C, USB 3.0, Ethernet and more.


Today's workforce needs advanced tools to work together across time and distance. Companies that facilitate innovation with cloud collaboration tools are enjoying the financial benefits of shorter time-to-market and faster revenue growth. Tools like Google Jamboard can transform an average meeting room into a creative innovation incubator.

Contact BenQ for more practical solutions to make your meetings more productive and efficient. BenQ helps boost business performance by delivering more intelligent meeting technologies. Whether you are brainstorming internally or collaborating with customers, the meeting room technologies you use can directly reflect on your business’ performance. Google Jamboard is just one of the many tools that BenQ can deploy to solve individual business’ needs.