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Working from Home?
Make Your Home Office Better

Get the Right Lighting for Your Home Office to Stay Productive
Prepare to Gear Up!
"Work from home" may sound intriguing, and as companies are encouraging employees to work remotely, it's becoming a reality more and more. However, the transition from office work to home work can be challenging.
When Working from Home Doesn't Work
Low Productivity

Working from home provides a new set of distractions that many new workers are not used to and find it hard to stay focused.

Cluttered Work Space

Bringing your work home with you can add unwanted clutter. Working in a cluttered messy space makes it much harder to keep a clear mind for work.

Eye Strain

At-home lighting is not always suitable for working on your computer for long hours. Inefficient lighting and screen glare cause eye strain and headaches.

Enhance Your Work from Home Experience
Get the Right Equipment to Stay Productive

A good desk and a comfortable chair is very useful but don't forget lighting. BenQ desk lamps and monitor lights are highly flexible and promote focus and concentration with cool color temperatures.

Protect your Eyes

BenQ lamps have a precision design that elimates screen glare and provides enough brightness to protect your eyes from fatigue and headaches.

Declutter your Desk

Whether you are at a desk or moving around with your laptop, space is always an issue. ScreenBar helps free up desk space so you can keep a clear head and work comfortably.

Stay Creative

Environment impacts creativity a huge load. BenQ lamps come with warm color temperatures, boosting creativity to the next level.

Improve Your Home Lighting Now
Good lighting is definitely a game-changer for a home office. Get your hands on BenQ e-reading Desk Lamp and ScreenBar. A better work-from-home environment starts now!
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e-Reading Desk Lamp

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