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Discover The Perfect Lighting For Your Desk Setup

Work Smarter with your Desk Setup!

Your workspace should not drag down your work performance, instead, it should be your best productivity booster.

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Cluttered Workspace

A cluttered space is a big no-no for a desktop setup. Not only does it make it hard to keep focus, but also affects your mood.

BQA Desk Setup Campaign Page
Eye Strain

Poor lighting and screen glare are two major issues that need to be dealt with when setting up the desktop. They cause eye strain and headaches, and reduce your ability to work or game.

BQA Desk Setup Campaign Page
Low Productivity

Without a proper desk setup, it is difficult to maintain a good mood, manage stress, and stay efficient in your workflow.

ScreenBar Can Do More than a Desk Lamp

Space Saving

Breakthrough design makes it easy to attach ScreenBar onto monitors. No desk space is needed for a lamp base and extra wires, which helps you clear up the mess and keep your desktop clean and professional.


Quality Lighting

The lighting of the lamp is of high quality. It can not only increase the aesthetics of your desk setup but also your productivity. Featuring auto-dimming and hue adjustment, ScreenBar has a special optical design that fits the ambient environment, reduces screen glare, and provides sufficient brightness to protect your eyes.


Lamp but Cooler

ScreenBar is aesthetically designed to suit any desk setup theme. It is also easily accessible within an arm's reach, which allows you to handle any task with style.

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