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Level Up Your Eye-Q: Test Your Eye-Care Savvy!

Hey, friends! Are you ready to challenge your eye care knowledge?

This game will test your basic knowledge of eye care, and the more questions you answer correctly, the higher your eye care knowledge index!

Completing the short six-question quiz and leaving your email gives you the chance to win a BenQ Eye-Caring Desk Lamp.

Let's get started together and see which type of eye care expert you are!


Participation Guidelines

➀ Participation Period: 4/26-5/6.

➁ Participation is only open to North America.

➂ Five winners will be randomly selected and notified via email.

➃ If the winner does not respond within 48 hours, another person will be selected.

➄ Participating in this giveaway implies your consent to share your lamp trial experience and provide photos with us,
as well as agreeing to our use of the materials you provide.

➅ Each person is limited to one submission; repeated submissions will only be counted once on the draw list.



Do these situations also bother you in daily life?

In modern life, we spend a significant amount of time using digital devices, but are you taking proper care of your eyes?

Understanding the importance of selecting the right lighting is essential for maintaining good eye health, particularly as we age.

Digital Eye Strain

Extended screen use can cause eye fatigue due to prolonged tension in the eye muscles, leading to discomfort and tiredness.

Using Incorrect Color Temperature for Reading

Reading under traditional desk lamp's yellow light may blur text, causing eye discomfort and affecting reading efficiency.

Insufficient Lighting
for Detailed Crafting

Insufficient lighting during crafting can make it challenging when working on finer details that require precision.


How BenQ Desk Lamp can help?


Screen Mode

The "darker middle; brighter sides" optical design minimizes screen reflection and eases your digital eye strain.

Paper Mode

Providing the 5700K cool white light helps focus better on text, reducing eye fatigue.


A curved head design illuminates an area of up to 90cm with a maximum brightness of 1600lux, providing ample illumination wherever you need it.

No Flicker &
No Blue Light Hazard

It is flicker-free certified per IEEE 1789 for LED luminaires and RG0 certified for blue light hazard, meeting EU standards IEC/TR 62778 and IEC/EN 62471.


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