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BenQ e-Reading lamp x National Book Lovers Day


National Book Lovers Day


Celebrated annually on August 9th, National Book Lovers Day has aimed to encourage bibliophiles to celebrate reading and literature. On this day, people are advised to find their favorite reading place, a good book, and read the day away.


- National Day Calendar

Light Up Your Reading Journey

Light Up Your

Reading Journey


This year, we invite amazing content creators to celebrate our passion for literature and unveil the power of optimal lighting.


Together, let us illuminate the path to literary bliss, where the written word and BenQ's e-Reading lamp intertwine to create a symphony of enlightenment. Prepare to be captivated, for in this magical realm, reading becomes an unforgettable journey of the senses.

Join us by finding all three clues in different places to get a special offer for completing the hunt!



Let the Hunt Begin!

Get a special offer by solving all puzzles!


Light Up Your Reading Journey

Step 1

Go to Instagram @benq_lighting. There you will find Clue #1 in the post. And don’t forget to follow us!

Step 2

Go to our collaborated partner’s account (as listed below) and dig out Clue #2

Step 3

Come back to this Campaign page and solve the riddle below for Clue #3.


You’d now unraveled the secret code!
Shop now and enter the code on the check-out page.


Get Inspired by our book lovers

Find hidden Clue #2 in any of these accounts!


The Last Missing Piece…

Solve this riddle to unravel the final clue for the special offer!

Light Up Your Reading Journey

Who is the author of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland "? (letter 3)
What is the first letter of his name? In Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, I am a peculiar bird in Wonderland. With feathers of colors, oh so grand. Waddling and flapping, a clumsy sight, yet my presence brings laughter and delight. Who am I ? The first letter of my name is the answer (letter 4)


*hint: total 2 letters


*All clues need to be entered in capital letters
Code valid: 8/9/2023-8/23/2023


Don't Settle for Less

When it comes to eye care

Light Up Your Reading Journey

BenQ launched the world's first e-reading desk lamp in 2015, taking into account the real need for light in today’s lifestyle and creating an eye-caring lamp starting from light.

When it comes to eye care, no one should settle for less. Featuring bright, wide & even illumination, a stable & safe light source, multiple modes for different reading styles, and more top-notch eye care technology. BenQ e-Reading Lamp helps to prolong reading time and productivity by reducing user's eye strain.



How e-Reading Lamp has helped readers

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