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“The BenQ TH671ST allows for projecting a custom resolution while still providing a great picture.”

by Paul Juenger

I've had my home golf simulator for about 18 months now. One question I get asked a lot is which projector I went with. My custom-built golf simulator uses a BenQ TH671ST projector against a 180” impact screen. My launch monitor is a Foresight GCQuad and I run GSPro simulation software. My hitting area is 13’6” wide and 15’ deep with the middle of the strike mat at 9’ from the screen. Due to the dimensions of my golf simulator room I have to use a custom resolution to fill the entire screen. The BenQ TH671ST allows for projecting a custom resolution while still providing a great picture. My screen is 149” wide and 96” tall. I created a custom resolution using the Nvidia driver to fill up the screen. The resolution ended up being 1680 x 1080 to perfectly fit my screen. My projector is mounted 11’ from the screen and the TH671ST has an optical zoom which gave me 18” of adjustment in mounting location.

Golf Sim Setup

Room Dimension: W16 x H10 x D20 ft

Impact Screen: W14 x H9 ft

Projector: BenQ TH671ST

Launch Monitor: Uneekor QED

Software: GSPro/ TGC2019



The BenQ TH671ST has speakers that is more than sufficient for a golf simulator. I wired my simulator with speakers in the ceiling but I use the projector’s speakers instead.


The BenQ TH671ST is a really good projector for theater rooms. It has a 10,000 to 1 contrast ratio and over 1 billions display colors. It covers 92% of the Rec. 709 encoding. The result is an amazing 1080p theater screen.


The BenQ TH671ST has more than met my expectations and dollar for dollar is one of the best on the market for golf simulation. The short throw projection allows me to stand in front of the projector without casting a shadow. The brightness is really good providing a nice picture without dimming the lights. Overall the projector is a key component that provides a very immersive experience with GSPro. When friends and family come over to play a round of golf their first word is “Wow!”

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