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Rick Murphy - PGA Golf Sim Pro

Rick Murphy's Journey from PGA Pro to PGA Golf Sim Pro

Carolinas PGA Hall of Fame Inductee and a former Spalding Golf National Teacher of the Year, PGA Pro Rick Murphy, has been a well-respected figure in the golf industry for many years. In recent times, he has taken a leap into the world of golf simulation with the aim of providing his students with an unparalleled coaching experience. With a focus on instruction and player development, Rick's journey into the world of golf simulation has been one filled with challenges, research, and determination.


Starting Out

Rick's journey into the world of golf simulation began with a need to find new and innovative ways to help his students improve their skills and provide a comfortable way to run his lessons during bad weather. With this in mind, he began to research various golf simulators on the market, seeking out the best possible solution for his coaching business.


The Research Begins

To help make an informed decision, Rick dove into the golf community and realized there was not a lot of information for PGA Pros and golf simulation. He delved into YouTube and Reddit communities, watching tutorials and reading reviews from golfers who have already switched to golf simulation. He was looking for a solution that was affordable, effective, and to help him provide all-season golf lessons.

Golf Sim Setup

Room Dimension: W30 x H15 x D30 ft

Impact Screen: W16 x H12 ft

Projector: BenQ LK936ST

Launch Monitor: FlightScope X3

Software: Gears 3D Motion Capture

Finding the Right Fit

After many months of research, Rick finally stumbled upon the BenQ LK936ST purpose-built golf simulator projector. This projector was highly recommended by his friend Michael at Rockhill Golf Club, who was using it for his own teaching business. Rick reached out to BenQ through an online form in July 2022 and expressed his interest in the projector. Up until this point, Rick had been using 3D motion capture technology and was ready to take the next step by adding a full golf simulator to his repertoire of coaching tools.


Building the Sim

Having decided on the BenQ LK936ST, Rick began the process of setting up his own golf simulator. This involved working closely with BenQ to ensure his setup was just right and that he had all the necessary equipment and accessories to get started.



The Result

Today, Rick's golf simulator is up and running, and he couldn't be happier with the results. He has received numerous positive feedback from his students, who have all commented on the realistic feel and accuracy of the simulator. The addition of the simulator has allowed Rick to take his coaching to the next level, providing his students with a much more engaging and interactive experience.



For Rick, the journey into golf simulation has been a rewarding one. Before the golf simulator installation, Rick had to turn away business during inclement weather days. Now with his new simulator, business is booming on bad weather days. We caught up with him at the PGA Show and this is what he had to say: 

 "I have found a golf sim solution that meets my needs and brings my coaching business to the next level" If you're a PGA pro looking to make the switch to golf simulation, we highly recommend taking a look at the BenQ 4K Laser LK936ST Golf Sim Projector. You won't be disappointed.



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