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BenQ home projectors for gaming and 4k gaming monitors enable you to enjoy Console Gaming.

Enjoy Console Gaming with BenQ

PS5 is coming, are you ready to play?

Recently, geeking out at home has become a trend! Whether you’re by yourself in your room, endlessly playing and experiencing the thrill of AAA games, or having a few friends over, playing the popular games on Switch and enjoying the happiness of social interactions, here at BenQ, we understand your needs. From 32-inch gaming monitors that are perfect for gaming alone, to 100-inch gaming projectors that are great for gaming with friends, BenQ has the right gaming products for you.

Bring Immersive Gaming Experience Home

Check out what the best viewing distance versus viewing angle is for your immersive gamming enjoyment!

BenQ Exclusive Technologies Bring Immersive Gaming Experience to You

Indulge Yourself with Gaming Monitor

Group Fun with Gaming Projector

BenQ home projectors for gaming provide you with a clear projection and big screen, which enable you to enjoy group fun with your family and friends.
Group Fun with Gaming Projector

Whether you want to hang out and bond with your friends over the weekend by inviting them over to play some racing games at your place, or enjoy a Super Mario Party session with your family, for some games, it’s better to share the fun. However, have you ever felt like your TV screen being inadequate or not big enough for the task? That’s where BenQ’s gaming projectors can help! The ample brightness levels offered by our projectors allow you to see clearly even without having to turn the lights off, and from a distance of just 1.5 meters, you can project a 100-inch screen. Together with our exclusive Game Mode design and CinemaMaster Audio technology, it’s truly a feast for not just your eyes but also your ears, giving you a fully immersive and vicarious gaming experience.

Grand Visual Amusement

Gaming on a larger-than-life screen that fills your vision as if you were at a real game. With high brightness, low input lag, LumiExpert™, BenQ gaming projectors bring your gaming experience to next level.

Captivating Enjoyment Loud and Clear

Custom-tuned sound modes adjust audio characteristics to deliver ideal audiovisual experiences for any type of entertainment, as if you were there live. The CinemaMaster Audio+ 2 audio-enhancing technology also provides exclusive EQ algorithms for pure clarity and sensual sound quality.

TK800M TH671ST
Resolution 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) 1080p (1920x1080)
Brightness 3000lm 3000lm
Throw Ratio 100" @ 10.89 ft/ 3.32 m 100"@ 4.9ft/ 1.5m
Speaker 1x 5W with CinemaMaster Audio+ 2 5W x 1
Others HDR (HDR10, HLG) 16ms Low Input Lag
Price S$2,099 S$1,199
TH585 GS2
Resolution 1080p (1920x1080) 720p (1280 x 720)
Brightness 3500lm 500lm
Throw Ratio 100" @ 10.89 ft/ 3.32 m 80” @ 7.55 ft/ 2.3m
Speaker 10W x 1 2W x 2
Others 16ms Low Input Lag Splash & Drop Proof
Price S$999 S$849
BenQ's exclusive HDRi Technology and treVolo speakers are designed specifically to give gamers the fully immersive experience, both visually and auditorily, so that you can indulge yourself with BenQ's gaming monitors.
Indulge Yourself with Gaming Monitor

Tired of the monotony of everyday life? Feeling stressed out from work or school? Looking forward to recharging yourself in the world of gaming? We know that immersion is an essential part of gaming, and the immersive feeling you get from high-definition visuals and audios can truly boost your gaming experience. That’s why here at BenQ, our exclusive HDRi Technology and treVolo speakers are designed specifically to give gamers the fully immersive experience, both visually and auditorily, so that you can enjoy each scene, storyline and battle in the game in a more vicarious way than ever before.

Expanded Immersion by HDRi Technology

Apart from standard HDR mode, you can either choose Game or Cinema HDRi mode which is supported by BenQ’s exclusive B.I.+ technology. Game HDRi reveals details in the darkened areas, and Cinema HDRi adds refined color saturation.

Superior True Sound by treVolo with Customized Sound Modes

Built-in treVolo speakers offer acoustic enjoyment and a desk clear of external speaker clutter. Stellar acoustics and five custom sound modes are tailored for ideal audio. Add in treble, mid-range, and bass balance for the best monitor audio you've ever experienced.

EW3280U EW2780U EW3270U
Screen size 31.5” 27” 31.5”
Refresh rate 60Hz 60Hz 60Hz
Resolution 4K 4K 4K
HDRi Yes Yes No
 Speaker treVolo 2.1 Channel (2Wx2 + 5W woofer) treVolo 5Wx2 2Wx2
Price S$1,199 S$799 S$799
EX2780Q EX2710 EW2780
Screen size 27” 27” 27”
Refresh rate 144Hz 144Hz 75Hz
Resolution 2K FHD FHD
HDRi Yes Yes Yes
Speaker treVolo 2.1 Channel (2Wx2 + 5W woofer) treVolo 2.5Wx2 treVolo 2.5Wx2
Price S$699 S$459 S$319
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