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WXGA Business Projector | MW560

  • 4000 ANSI Lumen High Brightness; 20,000:1 High Contrast

  • Exclusive Data Review Mode Showcases Detailed Presentations

  • SmartEco Mode Saves Up to 70% Lamp Power


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User Experience

"Dari segi practically untuk di bawa kesana sini agak kurang sebab wired dan sedikit bulky dan berat. Namun begitu kecerahan dia utk digunakan di dalam kelas yang tidak berlangsir sangat padu. So far puas hati. Terbaik"




"love the projector! Image is clear even when the lights are all on. I bought this because I needed a portable projector to use in my classes. Seller took a while to post out. But I'm ok with it. As long as it arrives safely and under a week."