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BenQ Malaysia Facebook Page was Hacked by Illegal 3rd Party with Scam

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BenQ Malaysia Facebook Page was Hacked by Illegal 3rd Party with Scam

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!🎄 Enjoy the best deals of the year.

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Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!🎄 Enjoy the best deals of the year.

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Why the BenQ EW3280U Monitor is Best for Movies and TV


The BenQ EW3280U entertainment monitor packs 32” 4K with DisplayHDR 400, great 2.1-channel sound, HDMI, USB-C, and DisplayPort. It gives any TV a good run for its money, that’s for sure. 

If you do a lot of work or gaming on your desktop or laptop PC and prioritize multitasking, chances are you’re also using it for entertainment, at least as a secondary to a living room TV. That includes relaxing with movies and TV in your study or home office, in particular via streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, and Disney Plus. Sure, all of these applications run OK on an old 24” full HD monitor, but in 2020 if you want to enjoy movies and TV series properly you really do need a 4K HDR monitor in the right size. The BenQ EW3280U, with all due modesty, is that monitor. Let’s take a look at why.


The EW3280U is a 32” monitor with a resolution of 3840 x 2160, or native ultra HD 4K. That’s the resolution most new content streams in, meaning a smaller and lower resolution screen is by default a compromise. Then, 32” offers the ideal pixel density for 4K content, not too dense and not too spread out. Just right if you’re sitting by a desk and want to take a break from work or gaming with a movie. 

Amazing 95% DCI-P3 Coverage

Pretty much all modern films and shows are formatted in DCI-P3, the wide gamut color space that goes beyond standard RGB and even Adobe RGB. The 10-bit color IPS panel of the EW3280U offers 95% coverage of DCI-P3, which is very good for getting the genuine experience as film and show makers intended. DCI-P3 arose from digital cinema and works great on both Windows and Mac OS. For reference, DCI-P3 showcases a 25% wider color range compared to standard RGB, creating more impressive, livelier images. 

DisplayHDR 400 Certified

Everyone’s throwing HDR terminology around, but a lot of monitors and TVs only accept high dynamic range content without actually showing it properly. If a monitor can’t maintain 350-nit brightness at all times as a minimum, then it’s not really HDR. But the EW3280U has been officially tested and certified by VESA DisplayHDR and reaches just over 400-nit peak brightness consistently. With an increasing portion of new content recorded with HDR natively, you’ll be able to tell the difference right away as the EW3280U offers very good HDR performance. 

Recommended Product

BenQ EW3280U 4K HDR Monitor with HDRi Technology

EW3280U 4K HDR Monitor
  • 32 inch 4K UHD 16:9 IPS Display
  • Wide color gamut with HDR and FreeSync
  • USB-C One-Cable Connectivity

Smart HDRi Technology

Sometimes you don’t want to mess around with display settings. You just want to lean back in your comfy chair and watch a movie. That’s where BenQ HDRi enters center stage, automatically adjusting brightness, color temperature, contrast, and HDR modulation based on content type and ambient lighting in your room. Of course, you can set EW3280U to standard HDR, that’s entirely up to you, but we recommend giving HDRi a go. The effect can be quite impressive. 

Cinematic Sound

Forget bland, generic audio. Like most BenQ monitors, the EW3280U features a dedicated digital signal processor or DSP to handle audio. It’s not just rolled into the main chipset as an afterthought, something a lot of cheap monitors do. The custom, standalone chip works with dual 2W speakers and a powerful 5W subwoofer to produce powerful 2.1-channel sound, and there’s naturally a Cinema Mode for added sensation. Or you could just use headphones! 

Lots of Connections

The EW3280U has HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB-C. Hooking up to a variety of devices from streaming boxes to game console and your laptop couldn’t be easier. USB-C carries data, video, and sound via a single cable, a super handy trait if you want to run a connection from the EW3280U to a laptop. 

Eye-Care Works for You

As a centerpiece of your PC work and play area, the EW3280U has been designed to reduce eye fatigue and strain. Blue light filtering, precision flicker elimination, anti-glare coating, and even rest reminders all serve to help you create a healthy usage environment. 

There’s a Remote!

Of course there is. The EW3280U arrives with an intuitive remote control that makes using the monitor for movies and TV just as effortless (or more so) as your average high quality television. Except with much crisper image quality and less lag.

So there you have it, many reasons why the EW3280U offers superb facilities for making the most of movies and TV series as part of your PC usage experience. Time to tune in! 

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