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VC01A 4K UHD Smart Video Bar

Video conferencing solution with built-in Android
  • 120° field of view with 5x digital zoom
  • AI-powered auto framing with fast focus
  • Beamforming mic array with 16ft/8m pickup
  • One-click wireless screen sharing
  • Compatible with any display, TV, or projector
Special Promotion
    VC01A 4K UHD Smart Video Bar Video conferencing solution with built-in Android
    • 120° field of view with 5x digital zoom
    • AI-powered auto framing with fast focus
    • Beamforming mic array with 16ft/8m pickup
    Special Promotion

      Start video conferencing with one click

      Get right into your online meetings with an all-in-one smart video bar that hooks up to your device, whether it’s a TV, monitor, or projector. The VC01A is designed to enable video conferencing in all meeting rooms and screen sharing from personal devices.

      Share all your great ideas with remote team members

      The VC01A is compatible with all leading video conferencing software, making it a perfect fit for any meeting style. With 4K UHD resolution, a 120° field of view, and auto framing, the ePTZ camera delivers stable, high-quality images that keep everyone in frame. The noise-cancelling mic array picks up voices within 8 meters and is paired with a powerful 8-watt speaker for clear sound.

      BenQ VC01A for sharing all your great ideas with remote team members
      BenQ VC01A with TeamViewer Meeting

      Meet your way

      The VC01A is designed for optimal video conferencing and is compatible with all leading video conferencing apps, including TeamViewer Meeting.

      BenQ VC01A fits for your TVs, monitors, projectors

      Display your way

      Get a professional video conferencing experience no matter how your meeting room is set up. The VC01A works with virtually all monitors, TVs, and projectors.

      BenQ VC01A
      Android™ OS
      Android™ OS
      4K UHD and120° field of view
      4K UHD

      120° field of view

      ePTZ and 5x digital zoom

      5x digital zoom

      AI-powered and auto framing

      auto framing

      Omnidirectional 6-mic array

      6-mic array

      Noise suppression
      Noise suppression
      Clear 8W speaker
      Clear 8W speaker
      AI-powered with speaker tracking

      speaker tracking

      Just the right fit

      Perfectly frame all attendees, whether it’s a couple people in a huddle area or a large group in a meeting room. The VC01A automatically zooms in or out to get everyone in the frame and comes with 3 customizable presets that can be adjusted to your liking.

      Instant access every time

      The VC01A comes with an intuitive UI with quick shortcuts to essential video bar features such as video conferencing and wireless screen sharing. You can even create your own shortcuts for convenient access to your preferred apps and files.

      BenQ VC01A with intuitive UI

      Let everyone share their ideas

      Turn any TV, monitor, or projector into a smart display and allow your teams to present wirelessly with ease. Connect wirelessly using InstaShare 2 or use the plug-and-play InstaShare Button to cast content and exchange ideas.

      BenQ VC01A let everyone share their ideas

      Hassle-free screen sharing

      The VC01A comes equipped with InstaShare 2, a wireless screen sharing software designed to enable more engaging discussions. InstaShare 2 works seamlessly with Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Chrome devices and fully supports AirPlay and Miracast protocols.

      Cable-free communication

      The VC01A works seamlessly with the InstaShare Button, a lightweight USB plug-and-play device that lets you share your laptop screen without using cables or installing additional software. It also enhances your video calls by allowing you to use the VC01A’s built-in camera, mic array, and speaker.
      BenQ VA01A with TWY31 InstaShare Button for cable-free communication
      BenQ VC01A designed for your company

      Designed for your company

      Designed for corporate use, the VC01A is stacked with features that not only enhance your meeting experience but also streamline management. These include an account and device management console, a real-time announcement system, multiple customization options, and even a voice assistant.

      Keep everyone informed

      Keep your teams up to date. Use X-Sign Broadcast with the VC01A to schedule messages or push important real-time announcements so that meeting attendees are always in the loop.

      Match your corporate image

      Change up the UI and strengthen your brand identity. The VC01A has a customizable interface, allowing you to switch the default wallpaper with company content or create shortcuts to streamline your workflow.

      BenQ VC01A with Uni UI
      BenQ VC01A with Account Management System (AMS)

      Securely access cloud storage

      Load personal settings and securely access files on your cloud storage directly from the VC01A through BenQ’s Account Management System (AMS). With Identity and Access Management (IAM), the company’s AD server can also be synced for seamless user management.

      Centrally manage devices

      Easily monitor and analyze the status of all your BenQ devices on a single dashboard. Manage displays, apps, and OTA updates remotely for maximum convenience.

      BenQ VC01A with Device Management Solution (DMS)
      BenQ VC01A with Saffi

      Convenient control

      Lead discussions or give presentations on the VC01A from anywhere in the meeting room with the help of Saffi voice assistant and the remote control.

      BenQ VC01A with Vmware

      Virtual workspace access

      With VMware Horizon Client, you can open virtual desktops on the VC01A to get instant access to hosted apps, files, and folders during a meeting.

      BenQ VC01A with McAfee

      Data and device protection

      Protect your displays against malware while securing corporate data. BenQ offers data security and device protection with McAfee Mobile Security.

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