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Tips to Prevent the Spread of Disease without Sacrificing Learning

  • BenQ
  • 2020-02-18

Invisible bacteria exists anywhere in the classroom. Bacteria on hands are transferred onto the classroom equipment, including panels, causing the possibility of illness.

In times of outbreak, prevention is the best cure. It is always important for schools to prevent the spread of disease without sacrificing learning.

4 Tips to eliminate the spread of germs while continuing to deliver quality learning
1. Use germ-resistant screens with silver nanoparticles

The silver ion coating on BenQ ClassroomCare™ Interactive Flat Panel can effectively eliminate most germs on contact. This reduces the transmission through daily use.

2. Broadcast health precaution messages in real-time

Broadcast health precaution messages in texts, videos or documents directly on the interactive displays using X-Sign Broadcast.

3. Encourage BYOD to decrease transmission

Limit germ-spreading opportunities by allowing students to use their personal devices in class and avoid contact with shared equipment. Students can wirelessly screen share their devices on BenQ interactive displays.

4. Online teaching and learning with Cloud Whiteboard

With Cloud Whiteboard, students can join an online lesson remotely, ensuring continuity amid delays caused by outbreaks and other threats.