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PC-Less Projectors Make Meetings Better with Just a USB Stick

  • BenQ
  • 2021-02-25

BenQ Wireless Smart Projectors make meetings better and more effective.

If you manage an SMB, you want to make the most of communal spaces for meetings, presentations, and other team gatherings. But you want to keep things simple and avoid the cumbersome complexities of multiple devices and cables all over the place. That’s where self-contained, PC-less projectors help. All you need is USB storage to bring content onto the projector, and from there to a big screen viewing format. 


As an added bonus, the reduction of cable messes makes communal spaces neater and easier to keep clean and sanitary, which is of paramount importance now, as we all know 

USB Still Works Like a Charm

High capacity USB Flash drives cost next to nothing these days but retain marvelous versatility. You can easily get 128GB and even 256GB USB drives that fit in a fraction of a pocket yet bring virtually any type of content with you to meetings. Which is why good PC-less projectors support all major file formats and have at least one USB port. Plug in a USB Flash drive, and without any additional hardware needed and certainly no need for a desktop or laptop PC, you get access to diverse content. 

"A good PC-less projector supports Microsoft Office, PDF, any kind of image file, videos, audio, text, and many more."

Essentially any file type works. This conforms with the basic promise of USB, which is to keep things streamlined, simple, and as free of clutter as possible. PC-less projectors with their USB compatibility and big-picture-viewing-anywhere capability are a great way to make meetings and gatherings more convenient and even more spontaneous. The latter is obvious, because you don’t need to set up lots of hardware or make special arrangements. Just show up, plug in a USB drive, and get going with the session. 

Saving Time and More

Much to the annoyance of many users, external PCs require a lot of time to finish boot up in many cases, which adds a delay whenever you start a meeting or even just change the PC that’s hooked up to the projector. 

We may be talking about minutes or even seconds, but it adds up. And if you can get things done quicker and simpler while saving hardware wear and tear and power, why not do it? PC-less projectors and USB Flash drives save time, electricity, effort, and hassle. 

Self-Reliance Leads the Way

With the ease of a USB drive, presenters are empowered and gain confidence. There’s no need to fumble around a laptop looking for a specific file or link. 

"Just load everything you need onto a USB stick, plug it into the projector, and use the clear, intuitive projector UI to quickly find the right content."

This stands in stark contrast to presenters that try to locate a specific piece of content on their overloaded laptop, only to accidentally open the wrong file. Chances of that happening with a PC-less projector are almost non-existent. 

Smarts Required

However, it’s not enough for a projector to merely be PC-less and have USB ports. To get a really good PC-less projection experience, the projector should be able to access different content sources, including cloud drives. A projector that only supports one local or physical drive creates limitations in a PC-less meeting room.  Access to the internet is a must.

So, in the next article we’ll look at tips on how to choose a PC-less projector that keeps up with the times and ensures ongoing compatibility for your meetings and content sharing needs. Stay tuned. 

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