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Using Display Technology to Liven Up Sports Bar

  • BenQ
  • 2016-09-29

Whether it’s the FIFA World Cup, World Soccer, or the Olympics, bars and pubs are bound to be packed with energetic fans. Statistics show, when it comes to the world sports games, 63% of British people are willing to spend more money on entertainment, which includes going to bars to watch the games. The thrill of joining in on the ecstatic cheering of your favorite teams in action, while gulping down a refreshing pint of beer and snacking on greasy food is a lively social event no one would want to miss out on!

So how can a sports bar stay up-to-date with newer technologies to keep sports enthusiasts coming back?

If the bar has a large wall, a mega projection screen is a huge draw for sports fans to catch the action. Selecting a high brightness projector to deliver crisp and vivid images is ideal for bars with a lot of ambient light. Customers will surely notice the lifelike colors and sharp details on the large projection screen that make it seem like they’re at the game.

While the main action is playing on the big screen, sports fans sitting further away from the projection screen can watch the game on a nearby digital signage that is also streaming the same game.

Not only can digital signage stream game performances, but they can also display digital menus that can be updated to reflect promotional offers such as craft beer specials or even half price orders on chicken wings during evenings. On the side screen, keen sports fans can scan the important game highlights that are frequently updated on the digital signage without having to worry about missing a goal.

Thanks to the content management software that is bundled with the digital signage hardware, all content creation, scheduling and management can be performed through cloud service, remotely, and across multiple displays.

In the long run, bars can make a lasting impression through compelling visual displays that engage and inform customers and increase customer loyalty by delivering high resolution and vivid colors on the big projection screen.

Ultimately, customers return to lively sports bars for the great game on the big screen and to share with other sports fans, the intense excitement during heated moments when a goal is about to be scored. And of course, there is always fabulous food.