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6 Ways to Foster Productive Collaboration in the Workplace

  • BenQ
  • 2020-03-26

In a survey of 1,400 employees, 86% consider lack of collaboration to be responsible for failures in the workplace. It is not enough for organizations to hire smart, qualified people. In order to have high-performing teams, companies must find a way for these employees to collaborate.

Why is collaboration important? A large number of professionals, including 33% of millennials, who form almost half of India’s workforce, want collaborative workspaces. They associate it with great work culture and effective communication, factors that play crucial roles in the success of your business.

Your companies therefore need to have the right display that can tap into the dynamic possibilities of your modern meeting room, stimulate innovative ideas and foster team collaboration.

Here are six key ways in which BenQ DuoBoard gives you the perfect collaborative experience, and an environment where ideas can flow freely:

1. Double the working space

With Duo Boards, users are allowed to combine two DuoBoard IFP together to double the work area. Be it creating annual project plans, floor plans, or mind maps, two DuoBoard can seamlessly double the collaboration space and help develop borderless ideas. Employees can use the built-in EZWrite digital whiteboarding tool to work jointly with their teammates.

2. Improve productive multitasking

Have multiple things to do, but can’t do it on the same system? Now you can, with Duo Windows. This feature allows users to open two applications simultaneously and complete multiple tasks together, with double efficiency.

The possibilities vary from writing meeting minutes during a video conference to searching for information while brainstorming, comparing two documents, opening an Android app with other input source data, and much more.

3. Enhance meeting efficiency

How about an easy compatibility between different operating systems? Isn’t that something users struggle with most of the time?

Duo OS enables cross-platform compatibility between Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. Users can view information on a different OS. For example, presenters can not only inspire brainstorming with EZWrite, but also open files like Adobe Photoshop, to share and edit them on screen from their computers at the same time for more collaboration.

4. Collaborate effectively on the cloud

With DuoBoard’s EZWrite cloud whiteboard feature, remote collaboration is simplified for everyone involved. Whether your employees are working from home, in the office, or on business trips, they can share and exchange ideas with each other seamlessly. EZWrite lets everyone brainstorm and collect, categorize, edit, and share ideas using the DuoBoard or their mobile devices.

5. Manage your assets on the cloud

DuoBoard supports multi-account management through NFC technology. Users can easily log in to the DuoBoard and access and manage their personal settings, and cloud storage spaces such as Google Drive and Dropbox by simply scanning an NFC card.

6. Collaborate seamlessly via wireless presentation

Another useful feature of the DuoBoard is the wireless presentation that allows for seamless collaboration across devices and multiple platforms.

BenQ DuoBoard comes with two options for wireless presentation solutions:
InstaShow is a secure enterprise-class hardware solution with software-free design, which lets you share ideas immediately from almost any device. All you need to do is plug it in, press a button, and present.
InstaShare is a screen-mirroring solution between the interactive flat panel and any other display device.

Both InstaShow and InstaShare provide the functions below:
● Compatibility with a wide range of OS, Windows, Chrome OS, macOS, iOS and Android, helps get ideas across regardless what platform you use.
● Two-way mirroring and touch allows up to 16 users to collaborate immediately.
● Split-screen presentation accommodates up to four screens at once.

These are the six ways to boost team collaboration in your workplace made possible with DuoBoard. It truly is the beginning of infinite possibilities.