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The Shanghai New Art Gallery

  • BenQ
  • 2015-01-01

The Shanghai New Art Gallery Replicates a Qingming Era Market



The Shanghai New Art Gallery wanted to begin integrating advanced projection technology and digital multimedia with physical installations to create a virtual and realistic experience that would stun and amaze visitors.


In an effort to create transformative installations, museum curators needed multiple projectors capable of displaying high quality images on unusually contoured surfaces. Using four PX9600 projectors, the curators at Shanghai New Art Gallery used BenQ hardware and projection mapping to design powerful presentations for museum guests. The flexible installation of PX9600 meant no space was impossible and BenQ’s ultra-wide angle lens provided added versatility, giving curators an extra advantage when creating installations.


The staff at Shanghai New Art Gallery were absolutely stunned by the performance of BenQ’s PX9600 projector. With its dual-lamp system, the PX9600 can provide uninterrupted presentations by automatically switching from one lamp source to another, should one of the bulbs reach the end of its lifecycle during a presentation. It’s an added level of reliability that the curators applauded. The 2800:1 high contrast ratio delivered sharp, dark blacks and the independent 3D color management tool allowed curators to adjust the hue, grain, and saturation levels of individual colors for a highly accurate color customization. In addition, the quick lens release and optional lens features meant that operators could change lens rapidly and during operation for greater performance versatility.

Facts at a Glance

Year of Completion



Country & Location

China / Shanghai


BenQ Solution Used

  • BenQ Large Venue Projector PX9600






Recreate a virtual reality of the Qingming Era through projection mapping


As a well-known art museum, the Shanghai New Art Gallery is viewed as a leader within the art world. To maintain its standards of entertainment and visual value, the museum operators had to continue challenging themselves through innovation and the use of powerful next level technology.

The Shanghai New Art Gallery wanted to improve its installation capabilities by utilizing digital multimedia and projection mapping. To visualize the Chinese art installation for Along the River During the Qingming Festival, a versatile projection setup needed to be created. High resolution projection mapping would be required in order for the curators to design an installation that would come to life before the guests very eyes. Curators at the Shanghai New Art Gallery requested the highest standards with regards to their chosen projectors be met, requiring technology capable of projecting onto non-uniform shapes such as the contoured walls installed for the Along the River exhibition.


Upon a system administrator’s advice, the museum decided to order four of BenQ’s PX9600 projectors. The hardware’s flexible installation was a deciding factor, as the contoured walls meant that space was limited for the projections. The 360-degree tilt projection capabilities of the PX9600s allowed the hardware to be installed anywhere and still deliver high quality visuals. With a variety of lens to choose from, the Shanghai New Art Gallery curators selected ultra-wide focal lens to deliver its content without visual compromise. The 6,500 lumens high brightness also became a deciding factor, as the visuals would be presented in the crispest, clearest fashion. The true-to-life colors of the DLP projector and BenQ’s own color management system were the cherry on top of the perfect projector total package.


Using four PX9600 projectors, the museum curators were able to accurately craft the visual experience they had in mind, ultimately bringing to life the classical Chinese art of Along the River. During the Qingming Festival. Incorporating the ultra-wide angle lens as one of the many options available with the PX9600, the projectors were able to work in unison to create a large composite image projected onto contoured walls, giving the visitors a novel visual experience while simultaneously demonstrating the limitless capabilities of BenQ’s projectors. Powered by 3D projection mapping capabilities, the projector could depict realistic representations of society and the people of the Qingming period with all the vivid splendor of the era. The curators went so far as to recreate a bustling, complex marketplace that took visitors on a journey to the past. In the end, everyone working on the installation and, especially the guests, were satisfied by the project.