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  • BenQ
  • 2015-01-01

Kahramaa, Qatar - Meetings Made Easy with BenQ RP840G



The Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (Kahramaa) aims to adopt the latest technology to streamline work and make interactions with colleagues simpler. As the previous 70-inch digital display failed to deliver vision-friendly, efficient meeting, Kahramaa sought a built-in Android™ interactive flat panel that requires no PC and enables a large-sized stunning image without complicated set-up.


BenQ’s RP840G was selected for its big display size, plug and play capabilities, low blue light, and its anti-glare and shadow free screen.


The Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation felt the BenQ RP840G met all the requirements and exceeded expectations. BenQ’s RP840G not only allows staff to load the panel with useful apps for enhanced meeting, but also combines 4K stunning clarity with total eye-care solution to seize everyone’s attention throughout the meeting.

Facts at a Glance

Year of Completion



BenQ Solution Used

  • Interactive Flat Panel RP840G


Country & Location

Qatar/ Doha



Provide multiple offices in Qatar with Interactive Flat Panels


The Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation has offices peppered throughout Qatar. Playing an important role in the daily lives of everyone within the country, Kahramaa must get its work done without delay, and one of the ways in which it does this is by taking advantage of the best technology around.

Previous interactive flat panels were just not cutting it for the day to day tasks the Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation required, namely PC-free support. In the past, in order to display any information, the people at Kahramaa needed to have a PC in the room. This hindrance pushed the Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation to find an alternative solution—one that provided plug and play support and did not need a PC. An interactive flat panel that not only utilized USB drives but natively ran Android™’s operating system was an ideal solution.


Aside from its four HDMI ports, BenQ’s RP840G also supported Android™ and a slot-in PC. Simply put, this interactive flat panel was the right tool for the job. The displays were meant for meeting rooms, so the brightest, clearest image imaginable needed to be available. With the RP840G, not only did Qatar’s electric and water people have access to a 4K UHD screen, they also had an interactive flat panel that prided itself on low blue light, and an anti-glare and flicker-free display. Additionally, BenQ’s Zoom video conferencing tool made it possible for Kahramaa to hold company-wide meetings. With Zoom, meetings were simple to schedule, easy to manage, and with MP4 recording—a meeting’s video or audio could be exported immediately following the meeting. The display and Zoom’s flexibility made it a no-brainer to replace the old interactive whiteboards of the past, which were clunky and prone to heavy shadows, and didn’t provide any conference solutions.


Forty RP840Gs were purchased for all the Kahramaa offices in Qatar. This interactive flat panel was Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation’s sole tech solution. In Zoom, Kahramaa had a versatile tool which allows its offices throughout Qatar to communicate through chat, team members to drop in an out of meetings, and staff to make annotations live, all of which could be exported and circulated later with ease. To increase display mobility, RP840G is also affixed with mobile floor stand. With wheels, the screen could be quickly relocated wherever it was needed. Usability and intuitive interface design were yet more reasons why BenQ’s interactive flat panel had an advantage over its competitors. Additionally, BenQ provided a three year warranty to edge out competitors who didn’t stand so strongly by their product.