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O2 Retail Steps Up Its Customer Engagement with Powerful X-Sign Smart Signage

  • BenQ
  • 2018-09-10

O2 Retail Steps Up Its Customer Engagement with Powerful X-Sign Smart Signage

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Replace complicated, expensive signage with affordable, digital signage solutions that have better UI and system tools to facilitate store signage content which would present shop promotions and offers, and share corporate success stories directly to clients.


Creating a showroom with powerful system tools that administrators could use to tailor display content and schedule remotely when and what things will be presented to engage with consumers.


The Slovakia O2 telecommunications headquarters ordered enough BenQ ST550K digital displays to equip its retail locations. The phone service provider found freedom in the X-Sign display management software which allowed its operators to create and distribute content on the fly.

Facts at a Glance

Year of Completion



BenQ Solution Used

  • BenQ Smart Signage ST550K
  • X-Sign Content Management Software
  • Multiple Display Administrator (MDA)






Outfit the O2’s best rated telecommunications corporation with digital smart signage that could inform and engage with customers immediately.


As a leading digital communications company, O2 has a reputation to uphold. The commercial brand of Telefónica UK, O2 has the highest customer satisfaction rating of all mobile phone providers in the Slovakia. While customer satisfaction ends with the telecommunications brand’s service, it begins with the first impression in its stores. To ensure that the first impression lasts, O2 needed digital signage solutions that would engage and inform clientele from the moment they first step inside a shop.

To get O2 retail shops to the level of customer engagement the telecommunications provider desired, it needed digital solutions that would display pertinent information while offering a vigorous set of tools that system operators could use to edit and remotely schedule display content. Additionally, the displays had to be affordable and deliver images with unparalleled clarity while targeting customers and guide them to purchasing decisions.


With BenQ-exclusive X-Sign Content Management software, O2 retail shops have a powerful asset that arrives packed with 140 customizable templates which are easily editable and support embedded video and images in stunning 4K2K UHD. Managing and scheduling content is a breeze with X-Sign, giving system administrators the assets to easily distribute content across multiple displays to a variety of remote locations, and even assign content to play in specific sequences or at specific times.

BenQ ST550Ks were selected for their 4K2K UHD display clarity and Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) software, which allows for operators to remotely control on/off display times to effectively reduce energy consumption while displays were not in use. When paired with X-Sign, remotely changing playlists for high volume periods, gave operators the freedom to influence purchase opportunities based on buyer behavior.


Initially 50 BenQ Smart Signage ST550Ks were ordered and distributed across 43 retail stores throughout all O2 shops in Slovakia. Following the easy installation and positive first-hand experience with X-Sign Content Management software, the O2 headquarters ordered an additional 18 units for its O2 franchise flagship stores. Additionally, it’s call centrum incorporated 16 ST550 units.

In unifying all its brand messaging through joined displays across all of Slovakia, O2 could deliver timely content and influence buyer behavior in real time. Moreover, it could quickly create content to capitalize purchase decisions during holidays and cultural events. The ability to remotely blank screens not in use via Multiple Display Administrator, provided O2 with the tools to lower TCO and energy consumption nationwide. O2 as a result of its positive experience with BenQ smart signage, ordered additional units for its other centrum shops. Now, O2 is set to further solidify its dominance in Slovakia.