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  • 2017-05-20

Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park Presents History with BenQ



Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park has protected a section of the fault line from the devastating 921 earthquake that occurred in 1999. The preservation park required a powerful projector that could, for educational purposes, represent historic geologic information regarding the fault line. The environment is rugged and suffers from airborne dust and high humidity year round, the park would need a tough projector that could withstand the environmental conditions.


BenQ’s PX9710 was a DLP projector designed to tolerate and excel in rugged climates. With a nearly-sealed outer body, and a dense internal filter, the PX9710 is double protected from areas with high levels of dust and airborne dirt.


Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park felt confident with BenQ’s PX9710. Not only is the structure of the device solid and durable, but its high-capacity bulb allowed for a sustained image quality that ensured visitors would be entertained day in and day out.

Facts at a Glance

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BenQ Solution Used

  • BenQ Large Venue Projector PX9710






Install projectors to display fault line and earthquake information for tourists at the Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park.


Challenge Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park has dedicated itself to presenting the historic September 21, 1999 earthquake that afflicted Taiwan’s residents, and the geological changes that have occurred at the Chelungpu fault line over the years. To achieve an educational and entertaining presentation, the preservation park wanted a projector that could display with accuracy the changes to the fault line over time, while being projected onto the exposed fault itself.

Environmental issues were a major concern for Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park. For starters, there would be a lot of dirt in the air on site, meaning that a substandard projector would be susceptible to damage, or require frequent repairs. Moreover, Taiwan’s high humidity was cause for concern, the moisture making it easy to turn airborne dust into mud, which could distort the image quality. To combat these issues, Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park would need to have a projector that was designed to tolerate and thrive in outdoor environments.


For the Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park a BenQ PX9710 was selected. Its body was designed to significantly reduce the amount of debris that could get inside the machine. In addition, it comes with a thick filter that protects the components inside and prevents any dust from getting to the lens body housed within. This method of double protection would not only block the components from airborne dust but also protect against Taiwan’s humid environments. Also, the filter is easy to access and can be removed anytime to be cleaned or replaced. Another highlight of the PX9710 is its dual-lamp system, which utilizes two lamps to not only maintain optimal brightness, but prevent interruptions during presentations should one of the lamps burn out.

With seven lens to choose from, Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park could customize their projector to suit its needs for its educational programing that runs during operation hours. Lastly, with the PX9710’s lens memory functionality, it is capable of storing several lens settings, which it can easily recall and automatically adjust to should the projector’s position be altered in the slightest.


Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park is completely satisfied with its investment in BenQ’s PX9710 projector. Having previously expressed concerns that the environment there would make the project suffer and ultimately ruin user experience, Chelungpu was glad to see this projector would remove that concern entirely. Its strong, solid body, internal filter and complex housing guaranteed that the PX9710 would be long-lasting installation at the preservation park. Furthermore, the dual-lamp system and 7700 lumen bulbs within meant that the projector would be capable of running during the long business hours of the park without any hiccups. With two internal lamps, the PX9710 projector is ready to continue working should a bulb go out during those periods in which the projector is in operation. BenQ provided an exceptional product that not only left visitors feeling happy with the results, but the museum as well. The PX9710’s flexibility in this rugged environment left a positive impression on Chelungpu and by association those whom it serves.