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Facilitate Remote Meetings in a Post COVID-19 World
2020.06.18 by BenQ

COVID-19 has changed the way to live and work. Amidst travel restrictions, closures, and lockdowns, the culture of remote work is being adopted by companies, as a way to ensure business continuity while maintaining the health and safety of their teams.

But the pandemic is not the sole reason why businesses should be adapting themselves. There are other pre-existing business situations that call for the digitization of work spaces to facilitate remote work and meetings:


●        Enable effective communication with remote sales teams

●        Keep employees on business trips connected with the main office

●        Maintain camaraderie and collaboration with international business partners

●        Save on office rental cost in cases of small businesses or start-ups waiting to expand their team


Depending on the business scenario, it is important to consider the requirements needed to facilitate remote meetings between employees present in the office and those working remotely. Let’s take a look at two such scenarios. 

Improve Collaboration and Brainstorming While Ensuring Safety

Collaboration is essential in any business setting, but especially during brainstorming sessions and meetings. Without proper communication and participation from relevant team members, it can become difficult to generate ideas and weed out the bad ones from the good. Keeping the current pandemic situation in mind, businesses have to adopt effective tools to ensure collaboration, even with some employees working remotely. 

Requirements for Brainstorming Sessions with Remote Employees

While meetings are needed to conduct brainstorming sessions, employers also need to prevent the spread of germs and viruses within the office. Here, it becomes important to maintain distancing within meeting rooms and make sure that employees use their personal devices to maintain basic hygiene and  avoid contamination. As BYOD policies become increasingly relevant in such a scenario, your meeting rooms need to accommodate this by adopting tools that support BYOD and enable collaboration and efficiency.

Safety requirements to keep in mind when conducting brainstorming sessions and remote meetings

Enable Video Conferencing and Include Remote Workers in Meetings

Video Conferencing market boom in India in end of 2019
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During the lockdown, and even for some time after the lockdown comes to an end, people will continue to work remotely. It is important for businesses to take note of this, and ensure that employees on-site and remote still have a sense of community.  Including remote workers in office discussions and meetings to maintain a sense of camaraderie, team spirit, and efficient collaboration will be crucial. And a great way to achieve all these is through video conferencing.


The Indian video conferencing market is expanding fast, with firms quickly adopting a range of solutions to ensure business continuity during the lockdown, and the sustained call for social distancing. 



Why Adopt Video COnferencing in Your Business
Indian companies adopting remote working



However, businesses are also realising other benefits of videoconferencing, with reduction in travel and other overheads, time saving, and improved collaboration as some of the key ones.



Requirements for Facilitating Effective Remote Meetings

It is common knowledge that face-to-face conversations are the best when conducting discussions and meetings. But in situations where it is not a viable option, video conferencing offers the best alternative. It is a great way of ensuring that even the remote workers are a part of the team and the conversation. In addition, video conferencing only requires access to a webcam and fast internet connection. But with multiple tools available for video conferencing, your business should choose the one that best fits your needs and facilitates multiple device and platform compatibility, while guaranteeing ease of use.

To Summarise

As is clear, there is no escaping the remote work model that is becoming more and more prominent, especially because of the coronavirus outbreak. But businesses can digitalize their work spaces to create offices that support remote meetings while facilitating efficiency, productivity, and collaboration. Adopting the right tools and technology is the first step in that direction. If you are considering building a work space that enables video conferencing and collaboration with remote employees while keeping in mind the health and safety of the employees in office, BenQ’s display solutions offer some great benefits! 



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