Hotel Banquet Center

Banquet Centers are the go-to place for families looking to celebrate a new union or businesses planning important networking events. They expect capable and reliable facilities, and BenQ delivers on that premise. Give content new life in stunning 4K2K ultra high detail and create lifelong memories through powerful X-Sign software and dependable Smart Signage hardware. BenQ’s High Brightness Large Venue Projector is a versatile unit that excels at hardware connectivity and content delivery, even in brightly lit environments.

See why BenQ Display offers amazing visuals for hotel banquet center
● Deliver hosts’ messages loudly and clearly through superior image quality with BlueCore laser large venue projector that is capable of bringing long-lasting larger-than-life images front and center with 20,000 hours maintenance-free laser technology.
● Utilize X-Sign to create stylish content with over 100 customizable templates and distribute content across all smart signage on the fly. Meanwhile, the powerful MDA software also can keep all Smart Signage in perfect performance throughout the venue by remotely monitoring the display status
BlueCore Laser Projector
Immersive Projection with Flexible Installation and Enduring Reliability
Long-lasting, Superior Image Quality with Ultra-high Brightness

The BlueCore Laser Projector, with unmatched high-lumen brightness, is designed to deliver long-lasting superior image quality and to catch audience’s attention. Powered with a dual color wheel system, the BlueCore Laser Projector also ensures superior color performance that produces flawless RGBY color with enhanced color intensity, balance and fidelity.

Motorized Zoom, Focus and Lens Shift

To ensure the High Brightness Large Venue Projector is perfectly performing in any environment, BenQ has equipped it with a wide range of powerful tools to guarantee installation challenges are a non-issue. Powered zoom, focus and horizontal/vertical lens shift systems enable operators to deliver proportioned images from anywhere in the room.

Lens Options and Compatibility

BenQ’s High Brightness Large Venue Projector can utilize up to eight optional lenses. These all-glass optics are made in Japan and are designed to eliminate chromatic aberration and color flare to deliver a flawless image quality. With a quick one-button release, swapping lenses is simple and secure.

HDBaseT Advanced Digital Connectivie

Convenient and flexible, HDBaseT connectivity is an easy-to-use system for connecting multiple devices from multiple sources such as PCs, laptops, document cameras, gaming consoles, Blu-ray and DVD players through a single CAT5 cable. Not only cost-effective, HDBaseT reduces cord clutter and is ready for whatever a host desires.

Enduring Reliability for Maintenance-free Operation

The innovative BlueCore Laser Projector is designed to support 24/7 continuous operation. Built with a light source rated for 20,000 hours of operation at full brightness without lamp replacement, the BlueCore projector can perform uninterrupted throughout the day. Equipped with an internal advanced liquid cooling system, this laser projector is reliable and quiet, and its body is hermetically sealed to prevent dust damage and image degradation, so the stunning images can be continuously projected without quality loss.

Smart Signage
Unmatched Video Quality and Performance with Simple Display Management
Built-in X-Sign Content Management Software

BenQ’s exclusive X-Sign software is the cloud-based content management software that makes it easy to create, schedule and display content across all display networks. With X-Sign, operators can choose from over 100 professionally designed templates to create stylish hotel messaging that seizes attention. Moreover, X-Sign also enables efficient content scheduling and distribution over the internet; thus operators can easily inform guests with time-appropriate content simply from a centralized workstation.

4K2K Ultra High Resolution

An excellent 4K2K picture quality, guaranteed to display flawless, complex images with 4 times higher pixel density than other Full HD digital signage. Vivid videos and images will fully immerse guests in heartfelt moments that will be remembered for years.

Compatible with Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) Software

As a centralized control center, Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) provides live monitoring of display status, remote control of on/off settings across the display network and display configurations over multiple smart signage units directly from a host computer, thereby saving energy and manpower for hotel operation.

Easy, Flexible Installation

Slim, lightweight and stylish-looking, BenQ’s Smart Signage can easily be mounted anywhere saving manpower and resources on installation and rearranging the smart signage placement. Ready to use straight out of the box, Smart Signage provides a great hassle-free way to start conversing with guests.