K-12 Blended Education

When it comes to a new norm of blended learning, education technology has to be a key component of this plan. BenQ offers a range of future-proof display combination solutions for blended learning classrooms, allowing the teacher to ensure in-class and remote students’ feedback and reactions and have students to interact with each other online.

Build a Smart and Healthy Campus with BenQ Education Solutions
● Tap into the dynamic possibilities of the classroom and build a vision-friendly, interactive learning environment with ClassroomCareTM Interactive Flat Panel.
● Build blended classrooms with Smart Projector by wirelessly mirroring teaching materials across multiple platforms, encouraging teachers and students to stay agile in the classroom and share ideas quickly and easily.
● Hassle-free display managements for campus broadcasting, device accounts, device troubleshooting and updates.
● The comprehensive Eye-Care Monitor suitable for students in digital learning.
ClassroomCare™ Interactive Flat Panel
Tap into Interactive Learning and Foster Endless Possibilities
Smart and Healthy Learning

When it comes to effective learning, health matters. Equipped with ClassroomCare TM technologies, BenQ Interactive Flat Panels cover everything from eye care and germ resistance to CO2, Particulate Matter, temperature and humidity monitoring, creating safe and healthy spaces for students and teachers.

Protect Teachers and Students’ Health in Classrooms
Hit Back at Bacteria

The Germ-Resistant Screen is TÜV and SIAA-certified and is covered with high concentrations of multilayer coating of a non-toxic, durable nano-ionic silver agent which can kill off most bacteria and viruses on contact by disrupting their cell division mechanism.

See Clearly in Classes

Comprised of an AG+ Screen and total eye-care solution, BenQ Interactive Flat Panel helps safeguard eye health. This offers students a healthy learning environment and allows them to totally focus on learning without suffering from eye fatigue or distractions.

Maintain Student Concentration

Air Quality Sensors help measure and display key environmental parameters in classrooms including temperature, humidity, PM 2.5, P10, CO2 and Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) concentration levels, allowing teachers to intervene with appropriate actions.

Endless Collaborations on The Cloud
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Cloud Whiteboard

Teachers and students can enjoy enhanced interactivity by using EZWrite Cloud Whiteboard to collect, categorise, edit, and share notes between the display and mobile devices.

Online Sticky Notes

In Cloud Whiteboard, teachers and students can discuss and brainstorm any topic using Sticky Notes, opening up endless possibilities for engagement and creativity.

Board to Board

Create a shared cloud whiteboard on different BenQ IFPs simultaniously for group discussions.

Smart Projector
Building Blended Learning Classrooms
Wireless Mirroring

Teachers can simply bring their own tablet, laptop or smartphone for instant wireless projection. Enhancing interaction with students and staying flexible in the classroom.

Innovative Platform

With the built-in Account Management System, WPS and X-Sign Broadcast apps, teachers can call up and deliver any supporting content from their tablet or smartphone, anywhere in the classroom. So, there is no need for teachers to stand in front of the classroom at all times.

Efficient Management

Rejecting large amounts of dust and excess accumulation, enhancing device durability and reducing maintenance costs. The smart projector provides teachers and students with an uninterrupted learning environment.

Break Away From Outdated Teaching Methods
Smart for Wireless Screen Sharing

Built to support laptops, tablets and smartphones, teachers and students can easily wirelessly share reports, ideas and presentation slides from their device to the Smart Projector in one-click. Make your lessons fully engaging and interactive!

Connect to a Smarter World

Unlike traditional projectors, Smart Projector for Classroom has a built-in Android system and web browser (Firefox), allowing teachers to instantly search for online teaching material in the classroom. Provide your students with a greater knowledge landscape, and move away from the wired solution.

Smart Access to Your Teaching Material in Any Classroom

Designed to save time on gathering teaching material, teachers can call up their own tailor-made supporting content from their linked cloud storage accounts to Smart Projector using Account Management System app from their own tablet or smartphone. Same teaching content, available in different classrooms.

Open Platform: The Ultimate Solution for Enriched Learning
Campus Broadcast System

Designed to simplify the broadcasting process across different classrooms, X-Sign Broadcast can broadcast school messages, class material, video and audio files to all or dedicated Interactive Flat Panel and Smart Projectors using any laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Account Management System

Account Management System (AMS) makes IT staff easier to manage accounts on the cloud, improving efficiency and convenience. Enabling to connect with Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox and Network Folders, AMS benefits teachers to import class materials to IFP and Smart Projector or open supporting files in any classroom without having to enter account information again.

Device Management Solution

Remotely control your displays with DMS Cloud or DMS Local via Internet and LAN accordingly lowering TCO and energy consumption for your operation.

Eye-Care Monitor
Enhance Studying Efficiency
Auto Light Detection

Screen light may cause fatigue to our eyes without us noticing. BenQ Brightness Intelligence Tech (B.I. Tech) can detect surrounding light and adjust brightness automatically to safeguard all family members’ eye health. With a simple on/off switch, there’s no need to manually adjust brightness anymore!

Height Adjustable

Thee Height Adjustment Stand ensures the best viewing angle for maximum comfort with an extensive range of monitor adjustments – height, tilt, pivot, and swivel.