How to Make Corporate Meetings 82% More Impactful with the Right Projectors

  • BenQ
  • 2018-07-09

Have you agonized over the design and colors of a PowerPoint presentation on your laptop, hoping your new proposal will capture the attention of your clients, colleagues, and managers, only to have all your hard work go unnoticed because the office projector’s color quality is so poor?

Our visual experience plays a dominant role in how we process information we encounter every day. According to the Rule of Mehrabian, visual messages account for 55% of the information we process, while verbal and vocal messages account for only 7% and 38%, respectively. Studies also show that business presentations with colorful designs and plentiful visual aids, such as graphs and charts, can capture more attention, help participants retain information up to 82% more effectively, and improve the efficiency of business communication.

If you want to deliver the best business presentations, you and your business can’t afford to ignore colors and other facets of the presentation experience. For finance and technology companies, which often need to create lots of graphs and charts to present the results of data analysis, using a projector that clearly distinguishes different colors can help the audience quickly understand the data and ratios on display. For corporations focused on advertising and design, a conference room projector that displays detailed, true-to-life colors is the key to successfully presentations.

Optimized Visual Experience in Business Meetings – Laser Projection for Distortion-Free PowerPoint Presentations

By utilizing BlueCore technology, BenQ Corporate Laser Projectors are able to display more than 90% of the sRGB spectrum and deliver vivid colors that practically pop off the screen. This advantage can be clearly seen in PowerPoint presentations with fine color gradients, and will let your designs catch your audience’s eyes in no time.

More notably, BenQ Corporate Laser Projectors use BlueCore to deliver high-definition business presentations even in bright meeting rooms. Furthermore, the brightness of the light source will not fade over the course of the projector’s life.

Don’t let your meeting equipment be the obstacle to fluent communication. BenQ Corporate Laser Projectors for business presentations can optimize the visual experience in your conference room and make your meetings a great environment for business presentation and discussion.