Yeosu Art Land and BenQ Amaze Visitors with Fully Immersive Multimedia Tunnel

  • BenQ
  • 2019-02-26
Yeosu Art Land and BenQ Amaze Visitors with Fully Immersive Multimedia Tunnel

Yeosu Art Land, an interactive art resort in South Korea with a focus on augmented reality, wanted to create a 60-meter-long multimedia tunnel. The goal was to display seamless video content along the entire length of both walls to wow visitors as they passed through.


Working with its system integrator, Yeosu Art Land realized it would need technologies such as edge blending and wrapping to build the perfect multimedia tunnel. Together, they determined that BenQ offered projection solutions that best met its needs at a reasonable price.


Public response to the multimedia tunnel has been overwhelmingly positive. Visitors who venture through the tunnel compare say they feel as though they’ve entered another world. Museum operators have also been very satisfied with the projectors’ enduring, low-maintenance performance.

Facts at a Glance

Year of Completion



BenQ Solution Used

  • BenQ LU9715 Large-Venue Laser Projector
  • Optional Ultra Zoom Lenses






An art resort wishes to deliver a new level of multimedia immersion by creating a 60-meter-long video tunnel


Yeosu Art Land is an interactive art resort that invites visitors to come and experience wonders beyond imagination. Located on the coast of Dolsando, an island on the southern edge of South Korea, the state-of-the-art resort has 132,000 square meters of floor space where it hosts an augmented reality trick art gallery as well as a modern art gallery.

In 2018, Yeosu Art Land decided it needed a new centerpiece and began endeavoring to build a 60-meter multimedia tunnel. The tunnel would be a complete audiovisual experience, with seamless video footage displayed down its entire length. Visitors would be able to walk through the tunnel and watch as content on the walls shifted around them. The staff at Yeosu Art Land envisioned it as the crown jewel of their resort. The only issue was finding a way to turn this vision into reality.


The resort’s system integrator and Hanyong Bang, the man who would soon become the tunnel’s multimedia manager, put their heads together and determined that the most practical way to build such a tunnel would be with laser projection technology. This in turn led Bang to seek out BenQ’s help to create the tunnel. As the world’s #1 DLP brand, BenQ had both the experience and expertise with projection necessary to develop the immersive tunnel environment Bang envisioned. No stranger to large-scale video walls, BenQ was one of the few vendors with both the hardware and software necessary to successfully carry out such an undertaking.

The installation did pose challenges. The projectors would be installed uniformly on the ceiling but would have to project content at various angles along the walls. Fortunately, BenQ had the perfect solution for this problem: the LU9715 laser projector. The LU9715 was compatible with various optional lenses that allowed it to project from a multitude of different angles and throw distances. Furthermore, the LU9715 featured edge blending and wrapping technology that allowed users to fine-tune content so that multiple projected images blended together without gaps or differences in brightness. Finally, because they could produce images with high brightness and contrast, the LU9715 laser projectors were perfect for accurately translating Bang’s colorful ideas to the tunnel walls.

Ultimately Yeosu Art Land employed a total of 38 LU9715 laser projectors, 20 with ultra-focus lens for the imagery along the upper half of the tunnel and 18 with ultra-zoom lenses for the imagery along the tunnel’s bottom half. Working together, this team of projectors capably beamed otherworldly visions along the full entirety of the 60-meter tunnel.


Visitors to Yeosu Art Land have had nothing but positive feedback about the multimedia tunnel. Young students who walked through the tunnel were mesmerized by the beautiful scenery and glad they could make great memories by traversing it with friends. Meanwhile, many adults who ventured through the tunnel found it surpassed their expectations and let them feel as though they’d been transported into another world. Mr. Bang and his staff were also extremely happy with the public response to the tunnel, as well as with the performance of BenQ’s projectors. After using the LU9715 laser projectors for two months on a trial basis, Yeosu Art Land happily decided to keep them long-term. The projectors have performed admirably thus far; Yeosu Art Land looks forward to many more years of enduring performance and satisfied tunnel-goers.