Switzerland’s OSRM Embraces the Cloud with BenQ Education Flat Panel Displays

  • BenQ
  • 2020-05-27
Switzerland’s OSRM Embraces the Cloud with BenQ Education Flat Panel Displays

OSRM, a secondary school in Switzerland, needed to replace their outdated projectors with newer, more functional technology. They wanted a solution that would offer greater brightness and enhance interactivity in classrooms.


The school adopted BenQ Education Interactive Flat Panels, which not only boast excellent display performance, but also provide cloud-based device- and account-management services as well as many classroom-friendly features.


Having already employed the new displays for several months, OSRM has been very pleased with their performance. BenQ DMS has allowed the school to streamline how they use and maintain their display devices, while features such as EZWrite and AMS make it easy for teachers to feel comfortable no matter which room they are teaching in.

Facts at a Glance

Year of Completion



BenQ Solution Used

  • BenQ RP6501K 4K UHD 65” Education Interactive Flat Panel Displays
  • BenQ Device Management Solution
  • BenQ RP704K 4K 70" Education IFP
  • BenQ InstaShare





A school in Switzerland updates its display technology, while also moving teaching materials and maintenance tools to the cloud


A secondary school in Switzerland, Orientierungsschule Region Murten (OSRM) provides education to students in the 5th and 6th grades. Offering classes in both French and German, OSRM fosters a truly multicultural environment in which students can grow and thrive. The school focuses on ensuring students are fit for life, and endeavors to prepare them for a 21st century that will be both more mobile and interactive than previous eras. In order to keep up with the times, in 2019 OSRM decided it was time to replace its classroom projectors, which had grown rather long in the tooth. While searching for suitable replacements, the school focused on three primary needs. First of all, the new projectors or displays would have to provide exceptional image quality. Secondly, they would need to improve the classroom environment and provide teachers with greater freedom. And finally, the devices would need to streamline the maintenance and management process.


Finding a solution that would seamlessly integrate with existing IT equipment was a top priority. With this goal in mind, school staff soon recognized that BenQ’s line of education flat panels would be the ideal solution. The BenQ RP6501K 4K UHD 65” Education Interactive Flat Panel Display proved to be the perfect size for Seoul Hanyoung’s classrooms, and it also offered a full array of teacher-friendly features. The first key feature that caught the attention of the staff at Seoul Hanyoung was the RP6501K’s accurate touch-sensing capability. The RP6501K boasts Intelligent Handwriting Recognition, which can instantly convert written text, numbers, and figures into clearly legible digital text. It also features Brush Mode, which allows users to paint on the display as though they are using a real paintbrush.

Furthermore, the RP6501K supports Dual Pens, allowing two users to write on the display simultaneously with different colors. The second key feature is the RP6501K’s built-in Android OS. This operating system allows the RP6501K to operate as an interactive learning center without need for an external PC or smart device. Teachers can load apps to the OS and use them during class time, or they can use the web browser and built-in document reader to directly call up web content or documents at will. Best of all, BenQ’s exclusive EZWrite technology allows users to annotate on top of any content they wish. For example, teachers could play a video and draw notes on it in real time. With EZWrite, the possibilities are endless. Finally, because they were designed specifically for classroom use, BenQ’s Education Flat Panel Displays come with features designed to protect the health of students and teachers. The RP6501K is a low blue-light display that employs both flicker-free and anti-glare technology. This trio of features reduces eye strain and keeps students and teachers feeling fresh. Also, a germ-resistant coating on the display helps prevent the transmission of germs, ensuring that teachers and students can use the touchscreen with greater peace of mind.


The RP6501K has been a major hit at Seoul Hanyoung University. Professors are satisfied with the screens, which provide plenty of space for writing notes while also delivering comprehensive multimedia features. Meanwhile, the panels have cut costs by eliminating the need for chalk and replacement projector bulbs. Students feel more engaged during class time, and administrators feel as though the interactive displays have brought Seoul Hanyoung University into the modern age. Everyone agrees that with BenQ’s help, the university’s message of hope will spread further than it ever has before.