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  • BenQ
  • 2015-01-01
Abu Dhabi Academy and BenQ Interactive Flat Panel

The Sheikh Zayed Private School for Boys, a new school established in 2015, needed a method by which they could instruct students while utilizing the latest technology.To promote the best learning environment for students, the operator was looking for a durable digital display solution that can deliver superior, vision-friendly image quality even in a well-lit classroom.


BenQ’s interactive flat panel RP790 was selected to replace the school’s interactive whiteboards because of its 4K UHD display, compatibility with Android™ OS, and low blue light emission.


The royal family which owns this school was extremely satisfied with the results. The new interactive flat panels allow teachers to easily enhance interactive learning while providing a healthy learning environment for students.

Facts at a Glance

Year of Completion



BenQ Solution Used

  • Interactive Flat Panel RP790


Country & Location

UAE/ Abu Dhabi



Fit school with interactive flat panels in every classroom.


Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Boys is a royal family-owned and –operated school. The students who attend this education center are considered the best and brightest in Abu Dhabi. The parents of these students take great care in improving the facilities and want nothing but the best for their children. They expressed a need for crystal clear 4K images, vision-friendly technology, and a solution that would enrich the learning experience.


Taking into account the academy’s requirements, the BenQ RP790 interactive flat panel fits the bill perfectly. Ready out of the box, the RP790 can be plugged in and used immediately. Additionally, the dimensions of the display are equivalent to those of standard interactive whiteboards, so installation is quick and painless. RP790’s anti-glare display meant that students are able to see the screen in both natural and artificial light.

The infrared touch technology and the ten-point touch sensor of the RP790, means multiple students can interact with the display simultaneously, ideal for interactive media or problem solving. Paired with EZWrite, instructors could save the content on the board as images to recall later or share with students. As a TÜV-certified low blue light product, it means that BenQ’s eye-care interactive flat panel values people’s health. BenQ’s RP790 has a significantly higher PPI than competitors with displays of this size thanks to its 4K resolution—an image quality that even the royal family were blow away by.


The Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Boys was completely satisfied by BenQ’s RP790. It ordered 50 units initially, and there are plans to add more digital signage solutions throughout the school in phase two. The product couldn’t have made a better impression as all the school’s classrooms have been fitted with these displays. The families can feel secure knowing that their sons’ eyes will not be affected by blue light emissions from the display and that the screen will not be impossible to see thanks to the anti-glare display. Furthermore, a number of built-in features make it easier for instructors to guarantee their students have the necessary notes they need to succeed in the classroom. The interactive flat panels were designed to keep dust out in rough environments, thereby prolonging its durability for rougher environments and fulfilling the academy’s needs for a long time.