Rove Hotels bring BenQ Wireless Solution into their Meeting Rooms

  • BenQ
  • 2019-05-22
Rove Hotels bring BenQ Wireless Solution into their Meeting Rooms

Rove Hotels have rapidly expanded its presence in Dubai, with a growing pipeline of properties designed to cater to the midscale segment. It currently has five properties across Dubai – Rove Downtown, Rove Healthcare City, Rove City Centre, Rove Trade Centre and Rove Dubai Marina and plans to open 6 more properties in the coming years. The hotel attracts a lot of business travellers & corporates within the UAE who book their Innovatively styled meetings rooms & functional event spaces. The meeting rooms, however, were not up to date with the latest wireless & interactive solutions technology. The lack of advanced presentation technology in the meeting rooms was causing their use being reduced or compromised - something that could prove to be detrimental to the inflow of business guests if left unattended.


After consulting with BenQ, Rove Hotels decided to install BenQ InstaShow™ WDC10 Wireless Presentation system in all their meeting rooms across all 5 Properties, to provide a no-hassle plug-and-play presentation experience for their corporate guests. The older, glitch-ridden presentation systems were replaced by the seamless and sleek wireless technology of InstaShow™ to offer their business travellers advanced presentation experiences.


Rove Hotels saw a considerable shift in the ease of conducting business events among their corporate guests who were quite impressed with state-of-the-art technology being used to deliver presentations flawlessly. Their meetings now get started much faster, and events with multiple presenters now flow more smoothly than before, leaving guests wanting to come back for the hassle-free experiences. With no more wires cluttering the otherwise impressive meeting rooms, the delay caused by initial set-up has been completely done away with. Their clients can now simply start presenting with the click of a button.

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ROVE Hotels seek to upgrade all its meeting room across its 5 properties with the latest wireless solutions technology.


BenQ Solution Used:

  • BenQ InstaShow™ WDC10


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A contemporary midscale hotel brand, Rove Hotels are a joint venture between Emaar Properties and Meraas Holding and is managed by Emaar Hospitality Group in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Designed for the new-generation traveller who recognizes value, stays connected through technology and gravitates towards culturally inspired surroundings, Rove Hotels are reliable, modern, fuss-free and super-efficient for the young and young at heart who lead fast-paced urban lives. Efficiency and technology are the watchwords at Rove Hotels, which will resonate to the mindsets of the highly mobile socially connected global nomads, who explore without borders. As part of Emaar Hospitality Group, Rove Hotels is the Official Hotel and Hospitality Partner of Expo 2020 Dubai.

Now, a modern hospitality brand like theirs that offers everything that a new generation traveller needs, also needed to be equipped with the new generation of technology for their corporate clients to keep generating more business. Time is precious when it comes to business. When older technology was wasting precious time during set-up, checking, problem-solving and collaborating etc. during corporate meetings and events, Rove Hotels felt the need for an upgrade that would address these issues.

Moreover, being the official hospitality partner for the most prominent retail event in the region means it is important to prepare for the massive influx of business travellers that the Expo 2020 will attract. With less than a year left for the Expo, there was no space for cumbersome lags, interrupting glitches, and confusing cables in their properties. After consulting with BenQ, the progressive hospitality brand decided to install InstaShow™ WDC10 across all their properties, old and new, to get rid of all these existing and potential issues that could hamper the experience of their guests.


BenQ’s InstaShow™ WDC10 presentation system revolutionized the way Rove Hotels handled meetings. Before using InstaShow™, presenters at Rove Hotels’ meeting rooms need IT support to connect their laptops to the Projector & Sound System. This outdated way was labour intensive and lacked flexibility. After upgrading to InstaShow™, a true plug-and-play system that requires no software or drivers, Rove Hotels’ conference rooms now allow presenters to use their own laptops for presentations – they just need to plug it in, press the button, and present. By letting multiple users prepare their materials on their own laptops, InstaShow™ has significantly streamlined meetings and improved the overall quality of service that Rove Hotels can provide.

The most significant improvement that InstaShow™ brought to Rove Hotels’ meeting rooms was simplicity since it is designed to work with any OS and hardware. InstaShow™ allowed Rove to offer immense flexibility to their corporate clients while getting rid of cables and the many problems that were attached to them.

The practical advantages of upgrading to InstaShow™ were being appreciated by their guests, resulting in building brand loyalty amongst some. No longer do their meeting room participants struggle to disconnect and connect one laptop at a time while others wait, and no more precious time is lost. With InstaShow™, up to 16 presenters can plug-in while waiting to present, and they just need to start sharing after the press of a single button when their turn comes. This has resulted in more quality time, better management, and an increased flow of ideas and business during meetings for the guests of Rove Hotels.


After the upgrade, Rove Hotels’ conference facilities have been better received than ever. No longer just a pleasant escape from the bustle of the city, Rove Hotels are now equipped to deliver a fully modernized, streamlined meeting experience for BenQ and its business partners. The number of issues faced while setting up and running multiple presentations has become negligible after the upgrade. By allowing participants to make presentations in quick succession, the advanced presentation technology maintains a smoother flow throughout the event or meeting, enabling it to become more collaborative, constructive, and convenient.

ROVE HOTELS were recently recognized among Top 10% of businesses On TripAdvisor to receive a Certificate of Excellence award across all 5 #RoveHotels

BenQ’s InstaShow™ makes meetings smoother than ever. For companies that are considering a meeting-room makeover but don’t know where to begin, ROVE Hotels recommend reaching out to BenQ and its expert support team for advice.