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Delve into Game Worlds with BenQ Gaming Projectors

Dive into the World with BenQ Gaming Projectors

From Idea to Reality:
A Guide to Getting Started

All You Need to Know Before Buying
The 3 Steps to Build a Game Room
Customize Your Own Game Cave

Awards and Media

BenQ is leading the projector industry and our products has been receiving praise from users. Check out reviews from pros and influencers to learn what the experts at top tech sites have to say about us.

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What Do the Influencers Say?


"The projector's color range is on par with what you would expect to see on a movie theater screen."


"Games look sharp and gameplay is fast!"

It Came From A Box

"It defines the word cinematic."

Build Montage

"Really surprised at how responsive it was as projectors normally have a lot of input lag, the X3100i is pretty much lag free."

Team Retro

"We are honestly blown away by the X3000i and didn’t anticipate gaming on a projector to be this enjoyable. The ultra low input lag combined with bright accurate colors result in a fantastic gaming experience."

Build Montage

"PERFECT for Both Gaming and Movies this projector features 4K 60p with only 6ms ping! Or 240hz 1080p with 8ms ping!!"

Take Your Gaming Experience to The Next Level