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K-12 students use BenQ Interactive Flat Panel display without germs accumulation
Rethink the Balance Between Educational Quality and a Healthy Learning Environment
with ClassroomCare® Interactive Flat Panel
ClassroomCare® Is an Essential for Schools Aiming to Increase Learning Efficiency

Between reduced absenteeism, higher concentration levels and easy-on-the-eye screens, with built-in ClassroomCare® technologies, BenQ’s smart interactive smart boards will take your school’s learning environment to the next level by monitoring and eliminating potential health-related risks.

BenQ ClassroomCare technology provides students a healthy and germfree learning environment
Provides Total Care to Classrooms
Germs contribute to school absenteeism

The Active Times highlights how germs accumulate and spread, on items such as students hands, classroom computer keyboards and desks and bathroom door handles. With an official TUV certification, BenQ’s interactive smart boards use multilayer germ-resistant screens with active compounds backed by the latest medical science. All ingredients are guaranteed non-toxic and made to last over years of reliable use. The nano-ionic silver coating eliminates most bacteria, viruses, and fungi that build up on screens.

Germ-resistant screen eliminates bacteria with the nano-ionic silver coating

Effect of ionic silver coating on interactive display - with/without comparison
The benq interactive flat panel display is with air quality sensor on screen.

Air Quality Sensors Offer a Breath of Fresh Educational Transformation

Classrooms beset by poor air quality and high CO2 levels hamper learning and educational performance, affecting concentration and even presenting lifelong hazards. However, BenQ displays with dedicated sensors inform teachers whenever air quality becomes a problem, and offer recommended actions. By doing so, ClassroomCare products ensure that the result is modern education, not health problems.

Vision impairment causes poorer learning outcomes

According to WHO statistics at least 2.2 billion people worldwide have a vision impairment. Many eye problems start at a young age, and may be due to constant exposure to the blue lights and flickers associated with electronic screens. BenQ’s interactive smart boards feature low blue light, flicker-free, and glare-resistant screens as part of a total commitment to eye care.

Smart Eye-Care Solution

 Flicker-Free icon


Low Blue Light icon

Low Blue Light

Anti-Glare icon


Principal & CEO Dr. Peter Britton, Ipswich Girls' Grammar School, Queensland, Australia
“The technology options that BenQ have been able to provide the school, open the scope and provide us with opportunities to connect not only with the teacher in the classroom, but with people overseas.”

― Principal & CEO Dr. Peter Britton, Ipswich Girls' Grammar School, Queensland, Australia

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