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Privacy in Hybrid Workplaces: Safeguarding Personal Information and Company Assets

  • 2023-08-09
Privacy in Hybrid Workplaces
Privacy in Hybrid Workplaces

Businesses are working hard to safeguard hybrid workplace privacy in 2023. BenQ corporate solutions for smart workplaces enhance cybersecurity in voice conference era.

As business leaders work to foster a new era of efficient and sustainable growth, there has been a profound pivot in priorities among the workforce. However, this new model, coupled with the dramatic increase in video conferencing in lieu of in-person meetings, also introduces security challenges that organisations must address.

Widespread use of VPNs and cloud services has garnered the attention of hackers, with significant increases in cloud service attacks. Insufficient wireless security and the proliferation of BYOD devices further contribute to the vulnerability of hybrid workspaces. In addition, with data being accessed from multiple locations, it is essential for organisations to implement robust security measures to protect sensitive information.[1] 

Security and privacy go hand in hand, even on public devices, is crucial as websites track online activities and collect sensitive data. Regular software updates and security measures can reduce vulnerability far more effectively than relying solely on antivirus software and caution should be exercised when using peer-to-peer file-sharing programs to avoid security breaches and malicious attacks.[2]


Best Practices for Hybrid Meeting Room Displays

The conference room, serving as a central hub for efficient online meetings, as well as collaboration among staff members in various locations, plays a critical role in the hybrid workspace. This is where meeting room displays are a key hardware component and often require attention to security measures.

Enterprise-grade BenQ display products such as smart projectors and BenQ Board interactive displays help address hybrid workplace security concerns with comprehensive administrative solutions, including endpoint control over security policies and updates, as well as centralised device and app management.

Best-in-Class Personal Information Security via BenQ AMS

As public devices that store data from multiple users, interactive display security can be disorganised and difficult to manage. BenQ conference room displays address these issues with Account Management System (AMS), offering customised workspace environments, private local storage, and personalised settings.


BenQ Boards offer a privacy-first way to log in and access your personal settings and cloud storage. With a single tap of an NFC card

BenQ Boards offer a privacy-first way to log in and access your personal settings and cloud storage. With a single tap of an NFC card.


Multi-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security, requiring users to input a security code sent to a mobile device to prevent unauthorised access in case their login credentials are compromised. By verifying the user's identity and device health, organisations can significantly reduce the risk of unauthorised access. BenQ interactive displays offer secure and seamless access by providing options including NFC card or QR code login, multi-factor authentication, and secure cloud access to prevent unauthorised access and keep credentials private.


Enterprise-Level Cybersecurity to Defend Hybrid Workplaces

Guarding against wireless security threats, BenQ EH620 smart projector provides WPA2-Enterprise wireless security and AES-128 data encryption to ensure secure wireless transmissions and protect the data transmitted by each user.

Powered by its onboard Windows operating system, EH620 utilises security features like BitLocker encryption and Secure Boot to prevent access to files by unauthorised users, with additional hardware safeguards such as mainboard-embedded eMMC internal storage to eliminate physical security threats.

Furthermore, BenQ Board RP03 displays enable enhanced multilevel security with features such as Authentication Mode which prohibits guest access on specific displays for use by authorised accounts only, Restricted Mode to allow access to essential features and functions while preventing changes to device settings, and Guest Mode for limited use of public productivity tools only. AMS also helps prevents all-too-common data leaks from unlocked and unattended devices by implementing a customisable timeout to automatically log out idle accounts.

BenQ regularly provides the latest security patches and firmware updates for all conference room displays, enabling administrators to push over-the-air (OTA) updates to all deployed displays via the Internet. In addition to ensuring necessary and timely protection against exploits and related attacks, this also helps keep the displays’ operating system and BenQ software functioning at optimal performance.

It's evident that future of work is hybrid, and businesses must prioritise device security. Understanding the challenges of digital transformation, companies must protect their employees and valuable company assets.[3] In this bold new landscape, BenQ conference room displays provide comprehensive management solutions from the robust endpoint and wireless protection to access authentication and cloud security, offering a safe nexus point for collaborators in various locations to come together.

By incorporating these best practices and utilising the security features of BenQ EH620 and RP03 displays, organisations can enhance the security of their workspaces, protect private information, and ensure continued success in the hybrid future.

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