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BenQ Provides Efficient Video Conferencing and Remote Collaboration Solutions to Empower Telecommuting

  • BenQ
  • 2020-07-31

BenQ Provides Efficient Video Conferencing and Remote Collaboration Solutions to Empower Telecommuting

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, JULY 31, 2020 – BenQ, the global No.1 DLP projector and leading display solution provider, has strengthened its innovative product line to help organizations facilitate video conferencing and remote collaborations with the revolutionary wireless Smart Projectors and antibacterial DuoBoard Interactive Flat Panel.
As Mckinsey mentioned, the COVID-19 pandemic has hastened the pace for companies to embrace new technology to prepare for the future of work in the new normal. Video conferencing and remote collaboration tools have increasingly played essential roles in organizations’ daily operations, to enhance distant communications, elevate employee engagement, and fasten the process of decision making.
“Organizations have to learn how to inspire creativity, maintain corporate culture, and foster a sense of belonging to unite all employees to move toward the common goals,” said Jeffrey Liang, President of BenQ Asia Pacific. “The key is to allow employees in different locations to communicate efficiently with the right technology. While business travels are widely suspended, the ability of quick observation and agile response to market changes couldn’t be sacrificed because of physical distances.”
Wireless Smart Projector for Video Conferencing Anytime, Anyplace

As the global leading projector brand with continuous innovation, BenQ has introduced the revolutionary wireless Smart Projector series with integrated Android system and productivity apps to enhance users’ work efficiency. BenQ Smart Projector is literary a portable computer with video conferencing apps, without occupying their personal computers, it allows users to quickly start a video conference with team member by a satisfying big screen projection of more than 3500lm whether in any small meeting room or open space. The lightweight, compact design provides the mobility to carry around, turning any meeting rooms or open space into a video conferencing or wireless mirroring setting.

When keeping social distancing in the workplace, the flexibility of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy and wireless presentation will reduce the usage of public devices and minimize physical contact with each other.

DuoBoard Interactive Flat Panel for Remote Collaborations

BenQ DuoBoard interactive display is designed with an easy setup of wireless casting, video conferencing, and collaborations. With the unique features of duo windows and duo operating systems, the all-in-one display solution empowers modern enterprise with the flexibility of multitasking and collaborations, facilitating remote discussions through its EZWrite cloud whiteboarding, the access to cloud drives, and video conferencing solutions. The efficiency of remote communication has drastically improved, whether for video conferencing, talent recruitment or employee training. “With just one device, you can foster creativity, engagement, and synergy in unprecedented ways,” Jeffrey said.

Employee Health and Wellbeing Remain the Priority

BenQ has long put safety and healthcare to its core product value, providing eye care solution, air quality sensors, and the flicker-free, germ-resistant technology in its display solutions. As the first and leading brand for the germ-resistant screen technology, BenQ has upgraded all its interactive flat panels to the even more enduring nano silver coating of the 3rd generation, providing extra care for everyone in the workplace for in-person meetings and collaborations.