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Mabuville Gives Its Conference and Meeting Rooms a Wireless Upgrade

  • BenQ
  • 2019-04-03



The meeting rooms at Mabuville, the exclusive training and education facility for BenQ Group, were using outdated projectors that required frequent maintenance and bulb changes, leading to increased operating costs.


After consulting its parent company for an appropriate solution, Mabuville decided to employ a trio of BenQ projector models in its various meeting spaces. Mabuville also paired the projectors with BenQ’s InstaShow wireless presentation system for no-hassle plug-and-play presentations.


Meetings start faster and events with multiple presenters now flow more smoothly than before. These efficiency boosts, combined with the vast improvements in image quality, have made Mabuville’s diverse group of partners and colleagues more eager to use the exclusive facilities than ever.

Facts at a Glance

Year of Completion



BenQ Solution Used

  • BenQ LU9915 Large-Venue Laser Projector
  • BenQ LU951 Installation Laser Projector
  • BenQ MU641 Wireless Business Projector
  • BenQ InstaShow WDC10 Multiuser Wireless Presentation System






A global leader in electronics renovates its exclusive conference facility with wireless-ready laser projectors


Located in Beipu, a charming township in Hsinchu County, Taiwan, Mabuville is BenQ Group’s exclusive education and training center. Originally a facility for internal educational use, the beautiful environment of Mabuville, which features seven conference rooms spread across its 35-hectare expanse, consistently wowed visiting companies and organizations. Because of this, BenQ eventually opened up Mabuville to outsiders, allowing its business partners access to the facilities via an application process.

Despite its rustic location and cozy facilities, Mabuville could not escape the ever-forward march of technology. While visitors continued to be impressed by the facilities, Mabuville found itself spending increasingly more time and money ensuring that the projectors in its conference rooms remained in working order. Many of Mabuville’s projectors didn’t offer sufficient brightness for the environments they were used in. Furthermore, the outdated equipment was difficult to setup and prone to technical issues, which meant Mabuville required expensive IT technicians to be on site every time BenQ’s top management and business partners held a meeting.


As a member of the BenQ Group, Mabuville was in the fortunate position of having access to a vast selection of projection solutions. BenQ sent its product manager to survey Mabuville’s seven conference rooms and consult with the staff there to better understand their needs. Based on his findings, he suggested Mabuville be outfitted with three LU9915 Large-Venue Laser Projectors, six LU951 Installation Laser Projectors, and one MU641 Business Projector. He also advised Mabuville to implement InstaShow, BenQ’s plug-and-play multiuser wireless presentation system.

Built to harness the power of BlueCore technology, the new BenQ laser projectors immediately resolved the brightness issues that had plagued the conference facilities. Moreover, because BlueCore lasers have a projected operational lifespan of 20,000 hours and are built with fully sealed optical engines that prevent dust intrusion, they were the perfect option for reducing maintenance expenses. This was especially true in large venues, where accessing a projector installed on the ceiling or in another high location could prove troublesome. The LU9915 Large-Venue Laser Projector, which offers multiple optional lenses, was especially well suited to these large spaces; the multiple lenses gave operators much greater flexibility in regards to where and at what angle they could install the projectors.

The new projectors, however, were only half of the story. Just as important was InstaShow. BenQ’s InstaShow WDC10 presentation system revolutionized the way Mabuville handled meetings. Before InstaShow, presenters at Mabuville had to send their PowerPoint files to someone before the meeting and deliver their presentations using the provided on-site computer. This outmoded way of doing things was labor intensive and lacked flexibility. After upgrading to InstaShow, a true plug-and-play system that requires no software or drivers, Mabuville’s conference rooms now allow presenters use their own laptops for presentations – just plug it in, press the button, and present. By letting multiple users prepare their materials on their own laptops, InstaShow has greatly streamlined meetings and improved the overall quality of service that Mabuville can provide.


Post-renovation, Mabuville’s conference facilities have been better received than ever. No longer offering just a pleasant escape from the bustle of the city, Mabuville is now equipped to deliver a fully modernized, streamlined meeting experience for BenQ and its business partners. BenQ’s BlueCore laser projectors provide pristine image quality and amazing flexibility, while InstaShow makes meetings smoother than ever. For companies that are considering a meeting-room makeover but don’t know where to begin, Mabuville recommends reaching out to BenQ and its first-rate support team for advice.