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Grupa Kety Makes Meetings More Productive with BenQ Wireless Presentation Solutions

  • BenQ
  • 2019-02-14



Grupa Kety S.A., an industrial multinational corporation, sought to renovate the conference rooms at its headquarters in Kety, Poland. It wanted to streamline presentation setup in its management and engineering meeting rooms and eliminate common presentation-related technical issues.


Based on the recommendation of its system integrator, Grupa Kety opted to use BenQ presentation solutions in its conference rooms. By offering interactive flat panel displays and true plug-and-play wireless presentation solutions, BenQ promised to make it easy for anybody to bring in a laptop and present immediately.


The switch to BenQ has made meetings vastly more comfortable and productive. Whereas previously employees dealt with frequent delays due to unfriendly technology in the conference room, now they can set up and begin presenting immediately from devices they are comfortable with.

Facts at a Glance

Year of Completion



BenQ Solution Used

  • BenQ InstaShow WDC10 Wireless Presentation Solution
  • BenQ RP703 70'' Interactive Flat Panel Display
  • BenQ RP704K 4K UHD 70’’ Interactive Flat Panel Display






A multinational engineering and heavy industry corporation looks to streamline its conference rooms and boost meeting efficiency


Grupa Kety S.A. is a Poland-based multinational company that produces extruded aluminum products. Founded with the opening of a single aluminum processing plant in 1953, Grupa Kety has since expanded beyond its humble origins and now has subsidiaries in 15 countries. The company currently exports a variety of aluminum products and other materials to 55 different countries worldwide.

Recently, in order to promote more effective and efficient communications, Grupa Kety’s main office decided to overhaul two of its conference rooms, one for management and the other for engineering and production teams. Working with its system integrator to develop a renovation plan, Grupa Kety quickly determined that, for its small conference rooms, flat panel displays would be the ideal solution for productive meetings, but the company was still undecided about how best to deliver content, such as videos and PowerPoint presentations, to the displays. However, it just so happened that Grupa Kety’s system integrator had the perfect solution for that as well.


A modern multinational that frequently has visiting presenters, Grupa Kety was no stranger to bundles of cables extending from the back sides of projectors and displays. Like many companies, the staff at Grupa Kety believed this kind of cable chaos was required to ensure anybody could present using their facilities. Fortunately, Grupa Kety’s system integrator knew there was a better way.

Capable of wirelessly sharing Full HD video content from any device with an HDMI-output at the press of a single button, BenQ’s InstaShow™ was the wireless presentation solution that perfectly suited Grupa Kety’s needs. By enabling any engineer, manager, or guest to come in with his or her own laptop and begin presenting immediately without software or driver installation, InstaShow™ was the perfect device for streamlining meetings and banishing those awkward silences caused by technical issues. Furthermore, changing presenters was as simple as unplugging InstaShow™ from one laptop and plugging it into another.

Impressed with BenQ’s innovative wireless presentation solution, Grupa Kety decided to pair the InstaShow™ devices in both conference rooms with BenQ interactive flat panel displays. For its management conference room, Grupa Kety opted for a 70” BenQ RP703 interactive flat panel. With BenQ’s EZWrite 3.0 technology built in, the RP703 enhanced discussions and presentations by empowering users to make annotations directly on top of any on-screen content, including images, videos, and programs. Meanwhile, for its engineering and production conference room, Grupa Kety chose to install a 70” RP704K UHD interactive flat panel. In addition to great features it shared with its sibling, the RP704K also boasted true Ultra HD 4K resolution to ensure that sensitive engineering and production documents could be shared with the utmost precision and accuracy.


The conference room renovations were soon finished and Grupa Kety couldn’t have been more pleased with the results. According to Grupa Kety, since installing the BenQ interactive flat panels and InstaShow™, meetings are no longer held up setup issues and it’s easy for all presenters to show content from their laptops. Furthermore, the 70” panels make presentation materials clearly visible to all team members in the room, no matter what angle they are sitting at. As one Grupa Kety representative put it, BenQ’s presentation solutions are the “fast and easy way to make presentations be powerful without technical distractions.” The combination of BenQ’s InstaShow™ and interactive flat panels has streamlined corporate communications and facilitated meetings that proceed more smoothly than Grupa Kety ever thought possible.