Stay healthy and collaborative in a germ free learning environment

Education Interactive Flat Panel

We Care Your Health More Than Ever

BenQ 4K UHD education interactive flat panel display – the new smart board features a proven germ resistant screen, the friendliest digital whiteboard and collaboration tools – EZWrite and the wireless screen mirroring and casting app – InstaShare to support schools by bringing a truly healthy and collaborative learning experience into classrooms. Acts as the best companion for blended learning, STEAM and Project Based Learning.

Total Care of
Classrooms with

TÜV and SIAA certified germ resistant display screens and pens

BenQ interactive smart board screens are empowered by a multilayer coating of the non-toxic, enduring nano ionic silver agent that kills most germs accumulating on touch screen surfaces and prevent cross- infection or epidemic in classrooms.

Air Quality Sensors offer breath of fresh educational transformation

BenQ interactive smart boards with dedicated sensors inform teachers whenever air quality becomes a problem, and offer recommended actions.

Smart Eye-Care Solution

According to WHO statistics, at least 2.2 billion people worldwide have a vision impairment. BenQ interactive smart board display is designed to protect teachers and students from eyestrain and eye fatigue caused by spending extended time in front of a visual display.

BenQ smart education interactive display screens include a low blue light filter
BenQ smart education interactive whiteboard is a flicker-free screen
BenQ smart education interactive whiteboard includes an anti-glare display

Make Classroom
Collaboration Easy
Than Ever Before

Digital whiteboarding

Compatible with IWB files, the EZWrite is a digital whiteboard designed for interactive teaching while annotating and collaborating on the board.

RP02 Brochure_P9-P10_FA copy

Wireless screencasting

Empower students to wirelessly present their ideas in class. With InstaShare, students can simultaneously cast their screens from their devices onto the interactive display.

Game-based learning

Transform your classroom with engaging learning tools. Use sticky notes or run game-based learning platforms like Kahoot! on our displays.

Building Blended and
Hybrid Learning Ready

BenQ smart education interactive board supports EZWrite Live that is a web-based digital whiteboarding for remote learning

Online classroom for remote learning

Compatible with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari browsers, EZWrite Live allows teachers to offer online lessons to students who can either participate in the classroom or from home.

BenQ smart interactive display is designed for blended learning with EZWrite Live online whiteboarding solution

Enhance engagements with dual screens

With the integration of BenQ Interactive Flat Panel and Smart Projector, teachers can see online students engaging in lessons and answering questions in real time, ensuring every student feels included.

Inspires Students’
Creativity and Critical

Cloud collaborations and brainstorming

Teachers and students can enjoy enhanced interactivity by using EZWrite Cloud Whiteboard to collect, categorise, edit, and share notes between the display and mobile devices.

Duo Windows for in-depth illustrations

Make lessons more efficient and interesting by running two apps side by side with a whiteboard supporting content on the other.

*Available on the RP series. 

Cloud Classroom Management

Account management system

Enables to connect with Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox and Network Folder, allowing teachers to import class materials to the BenQ interactive smart board or open supporting files through AMS in any classroom.

Empowers your campus broadcasting System

X-Sign Broadcast can schedule to broadcast school messages, classroom material, video and audio files to all or dedicated our interactive smart board using any laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Control all the interactive displays over the cloud

Device Management Symens includes Device Info and Management, Apps Management, and OTA (Over-the-Air), increasing display management productivity.


"BenQ technologies have been a major value add within the college. They've really improved the way in which our teachers have used the resources that are in the classroom."

— Alex Delaforce, Head of Teaching & Learning, Coomera Anglican College

Case Study

Software/ Technology Partners

Microsoft Azure Certified
BenQ software partner Snowflake
Amazon Web Services partner
TeamViewer Meeting for Video Conferencing
BenQ interactive display software partner MeetingRoom 365
BenQ interactive display partner McAfee
BenQ partner Mythware
BenQ software partner Kahoot!
Intel IoT Solution Alliance
Google for Education Partner for BenQ interactive display series
VMWare partner
BenQ software partner Mozaik Education

Choose Your Right Interactive Flat Panel


RP Series


65” 75” 86”


4K UHD display

Germ-resistant screen

±1 mm touch accuracy

2 × 16W speakers + 15W subwoofer

Air quality sensors + NFC reader

Microphone array


RM Series


55” 65” 75” 86”



Germ-resistant screen

±1 mm touch accuracy

2 × 16W speakers




RE Series


65” 75” 86” 98”



Germ-resistant screen

±2 mm touch accuracy

2 × 15W speakers



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