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A USB device or adapter dongle doesn’t work or interferes with other USB devices randomly. How can I make them work properly?


USB 3.0 has been found to cause interference that may hinder the performance of nearby wireless devices in the 2.4GHz band, including RF devices, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. For wireless devices in the 2.4GHz range, we suggest using the USB port on the front I/O. If the connected device's manual recommends a different USB port, do follow those guidelines. For more details, please refer to the below white paper from Intel.

Applicable Models

X-Sign, ST4302, ST5502, ST6502, ST7502, ST8602, SL4302K, SL5502K, SL6502K, SL7502K, SL8502K, RP8602, RP7502, RP6502, RE6501, RE7501, RM5502K, RM6502K, RM7502K, RM8602K, RM6503, RM7503 , RM8603

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