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How long is the suggested working time for models which light source is UHP lamp?


It is suggested to power cycle at least every 12 hours for more stable performance.

Applicable Models

EH600, EH600, EX600, EX600, EW600, EW600, EW800ST, EX800ST, EW800ST, EX800ST, LK990, LK953ST, LU710, MW855UST+, LU930, MU613, LU9245, MW809STH, Higher Education Projector LX785, LX890UST, MX611, LU951, LU785, SU765, LW820ST, LH890UST, MX825ST, MW855UST , LU9915, LU9715, LK952, LU951ST, LK970, MH733, MX808STH, MX808PST+, MW612, MX808ST

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