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How to access cloud storage files via AMS



Before performing the steps below, ensure the following:

  •      The display is connected to the internet.

        For details, see How to connect the dispaly to the internet.

  •      AMS is enabled on the display.

        For details, see How to enable AMS on the display.

  •      The cloud storage account is linked to AMS.

        For details, see How to link a cloud storage account to AMS.

1. On the display home screen, tap .

    The login window appears.

2. Enter the login credentials.

    The home screen appears.

    TIP: If the display has an NFC reader, use an enrolled NFC card to log in instantly.

3. Tap .

    The Apps window apperas.

4. Tap AMS Files.

    The AMS Files screen appears.

5. On the left menu, tap a cloud storage service.

    The cloud storage folders appear on the screen.


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