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How to access files from a local network drive



Before performing the steps below, ensure the following:

  •      The display is connected to the local network
  •      AMS is enabled on the display.

        For details, see How to enable AMS on the display.

  •      The network drive is bound to AMS.

        For details, see How to add network drive to AMS.

1. On the display home screen, tap .

    The login window appears.

2. Enter the login credentials.

    The home screen appears.

    TIP: If the display has an NFC reader, use an enrolled NFC card to log in instantly.

3. Tap .

    The Apps window appers.

4. Tap AMS Files.

    The AMS Files screen appears

5. On the left menu, tap Network Drive.

    The main drives appear.

Network Drive


Network Drive



This shows the list of accessible drives in the organization’s network.

Network Drive



This shows the list of accessible drives in a connected personal network-attached storage device.

6. Tap the relevant network drive.

    All network folders appear.

7. Tap the folder for the class.

    The login window appears.

8. Enter the login credentials.

    The stored folders and files appear.

    TIP: Tap Remember me to remember the login credentials for future sessions.


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