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How to display content from a laptop


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To display content wirelessly, see How to wirelessly display content from a laptop.

  1. Connect the laptop to the display using any of the following ports.

2. On the display home screen, tap .

    The Connection window appears.

3. Tap the display port the laptop is connected to.

    The laptop screen appears on the display.


Applicable Models

RM5502K, RM6502K, RM7502K, RM8602K, CP8601K, CP6501K, CS6501, CS7501, CS8601, InstaShare 2, RP6503 | 65" Pro Series Education Interactive Display , RP7503 | 75" BenQ Board Pro for Education, RP8603 Pro Series Education Interactive Display, RE6503 Essential Series Education Interactive Display, RE7503 Essential Series Education Interactive Display, RE8603 Essential Series Education Interactive Display

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