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Can InstaShare work between different subnets, VLANs, and SSIDs?


Yes, InstaShare can work between different subnets, VLANs, and SSIDs.
It is usually recommended to connect both devices to the same SSID initially because you assume they will be placed on the same subnet and generally do not have other network variables that prevent casting. Once we confirm this setup works, you can then try moving to different SSIDs.
If you have 2 devices on different subnets\VLANs you can get InstaShare to communicate by making sure that multicast traffic is forwarding between the VLAN interfaces.
If you have 2 different SSIDs that place the devices on the same subnet\VLAN, then they should be able to cast to each other unless you have an SSID-specific rule like client isolation enabled, as that may be preventing traffic from reaching each device. Another SSID-specific setting that may cause issues is filtering certain broadcast traffic.

Applicable Models

InstaShare 2, Instashare

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