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Where can I download InstaShare 2 client for my device?


For all client devices, there are 2 ways that provide you to download our app:
For mobile users, you can search "InstaShare2" on Google Play or the App store; laptop users can download the executable file through our website. You can always find a link that provides the proper version for all OS on the InstaShare2 IFP screen for all users.

Applicable Models

CP6501K, CP8601K, CS6501, CS7501, CS8601, RM5502K, RM6502K, RM7502K, RM8602K, RE6501, RE7501, RE8601, RE9801, SL4302K, SL5502K, SL6502K, SL7502K, SL8502K, ST4302, ST5502, ST6502, ST7502, ST8602, RM6503, RM7503 , RM8603, RP6502, RP7502, RP8602, ST4302S, ST5502S, ST6502S, ST7502S, ST8602S, RM6503A, RM7503A, RM8603A

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