EDLA-certified BenQ Board Pro RP04 Master RM04 Experience the Difference

Interactive Displays for Education

Experience the BenQ Board Difference

BenQ Boards are simply better. Designed to enhance the classroom experience, our latest Google EDLA-certified interactive displays deliver exceptional software, specs, support, and security, outclassing all other education smart boards.

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Interactive Displays for Education

Experience the BenQ Board Difference

BenQ Boards are simply better. Designed to enhance the classroom experience, our latest Google EDLA-certified interactive displays deliver exceptional software, specs, support, and security, outclassing all other education smart boards.

Book a demo What’s EDLA?
The icon of teaching on the BenQ Baord

Teach your way

Our Google EDLA-certified BenQ Boards empower you to teach your way. Use a whiteboard. Share your screen. Load lessons from the web. Do it all with our powerful, intuitive tools designed to fit your teaching style.

Your very own space

Each teacher gets their own personalized account, which they can access on any BenQ Board. This means you can load all your settings, bookmarks, as well as your folders just by logging in.

Your data, exclusively yours

All user accounts are separate so there’s no way for other people to see any of your data. Only you can access your files, folders, and even the online accounts and apps you’re logged into.

BenQ Board cloud storage access and syncing

Tap and teach

Everything you need is just a tap away. Tap your NFC card to log in and load your account, files, and folders. Tap your pen to pull up the whiteboard. And tap your Android phone for easy screen sharing.

Present your way

Access lesson content from the web, load them straight from your cloud account, or if you prefer using your laptop, just plug it in to gain touchback controls and operate your screen directly from the board.

Present your way with BenQ Board

Whiteboard your way

The EZWrite whiteboard simply makes teaching better. Write, draw, or paint on a canvas that never runs out of space. Spruce it up with links, photos, and videos. And pull up templates and tools—both standard and AI—for richer lessons on the fly.

Explore the power of EZWrite
Whiteboard your way with BenQ Board

Share your way

InstaShare lets you wirelessly share your screen to your board. You can easily navigate, annotate over content, and open up your session to the rest of your class. Session controls and AI filtering are also available to help you keep things in order.

Get acquainted with InstaShare
Screen share your way with BenQ Board
The icon of BenQ Board support

Better Support

Using new tech can be overwhelming, so we’re here to guide you every step of the way. We offer customized-training for teachers and IT staff, provide comprehensive online learning materials, and also extend troubleshooting support whenever you need it.

  • BenQ Education hands-on training

    Hands-on training

  • BenQ Academy guides and videos

    Guides and videos

  • BenQ Education technical support

    Technical support

The icon of BenQ Board management

Better Management

Your IT staff can relax. We’ve streamlined the management of your BenQ Boards.

Effortless onboarding

Our device management platform significantly reduces the time and effort it takes to register and set up new boards.

Easy onboarding with BenQ Board
  • Scan the barcode to onboard

    Scan to add

    Quickly provision multiple new boards by simply scanning the barcode on the box or display.

  • Tap an NFC card to bind AMS and DMS

    Set. Plug. Tap.

    Configure your settings just once then apply them to all your other boards using USB and NFC.

Real-time user list syncing

Quickly add or remove users for all your BenQ devices by syncing your current user lists to the BenQ Identity and Access Management system.

BenQ Boards sync with ClassLink, Microsoft Entra ID, Google Workspace, and LDAP servers

Remote monitoring and updates

Check the status of your boards, schedule updates, and even set policies from a single, easy-to-use console.

Get detailed device analytics from the DMS dashboard
  • Update firmware and apps

    Keep boards up to date

    Push firmware and app updates to ensure the optimal performance of your boards and software.

  • Enforce device policies and automate tasks

    Enforce device policies

    Create device policies to easily apply settings and automate device management tasks.

  • Use analytics to optimize device usage

    Optimize your usage

    Ensure the efficient use of your boards and software through app and device usage reviews.

The icon of security

Better Security

We know how important your school’s data is, so we’re helping you safeguard it.

BenQ Boards offer better security
BenQ Boards offer better security
  • The icon of data privacy

    Data privacy

    We uphold your right to privacy and adhere to strict global standards.

  • The icon of system security

    System security

    We provide ways to secure your devices and networks from threats.

  • The icon of strict authorization

    Strict authorization

    We offer secure access to your boards, user accounts, and files.

  • The icon of restrited access

    Restricted access

    Minimize risks by limiting who can modify the board’s settings.

  • The icon of app security

    App security

    Google Play Protect helps screen for potentially harmful applications.

  • The icon of app blocking

    App blocking

    Prevent unauthorized installations by blocking apps or Play Store access.

The icon of free

No Subscription Fees

We do not charge you extra fees. Our whiteboarding, screen sharing, and IT solutions are all free to use for your teaching and management convenience.

  • BenQ software EZWrite logo



  • BenQ software Instashare logo


    Screen sharing

  • BenQ software DMS logo


    Device management

  • BenQ software IAM logo


    Access management

  • BenQ software AMS logo


    Account personalization

The icon of energy saving

Save Energy

BenQ Boards have energy-saving features that allow you to significantly reduce costs and decrease your digital carbon footprint.

BenQ Boards are designed for energy efficiency
  • Power saving modes

    The Power Save and ENERGY STAR®-certified Eco modes effectively regulate energy consumption without affecting board performance.

  • Energy waste prevention

    Set power schedules or put boards to sleep to reduce the amount of energy your boards consume when they are not actively in use.

  • Energy monitoring

    Generate your boards’ power consumption reports to identify excessive power use and plan your energy-saving strategy accordingly.

The icon of ClassroomCare


Unlike other interactive displays for education, the BenQ Board has a comprehensive set of ClassroomCare® features designed to protect student and teacher health.

  • BenQ Board germ-resistant screens are safe to touch

    Safe to touch

    BenQ Board screens and peripherals have an antimicrobial coating that helps prevent the spread of germs in class.

  • BenQ Board Eyesafe Certified 2.0 screens protect against blue light

    Easy on the eyes

    Prevent eye strain and other related eye issues with our anti-glare, flicker-free, Eyesafe® Certified 2.0 screens.

  • BenQ Board air quality solutions let students breathe easy

    Breathe easy

    Maintain good air quality in your classrooms with the help of the BenQ Board’s built-in air quality sensors and air ionizer.

The icon of spec

Better Specs

The BenQ Board’s combined specifications completely outclass the specs of other interactive displays

  • EDLA-certified BenQ Boards have an octa-core processor

    A force for teaching

    Its powerful system on a chip paired with an Android 13 OS guarantees consistently superior long-term performance.

  • BenQ Boards have Ultra precision IR technology

    Incredible touch response

    The BenQ Board Pro’s Ultra Precision IR technology with a <5ms response time provides the most natural writing experience.

  • BenQ Boards offer a powerful audiovisual experience

    Best in sight and sound

    Experience immersive audio and video during lessons with our 4K UHD screens and outstanding set of speakers and subwoofers.

Success stories

Bloomsbury Education
“The BenQ Board is an extremely helpful tool and innovative product, which has helped me in every single lecture and lesson.”

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Hamsung and Gunsan Sports Clubs
“The most effective way to teach football is by merging actual practice with technology. The BenQ Board was the perfect medium for it.”

معرفة المزيد

Watch video

Assumption College Samutprakarn
“When we discovered the BenQ Board, we knew we had to have it for all 102 of our classrooms.”

معرفة المزيد

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Kankakee School District
"BenQ Boards help us by allowing our teachers to be more flexible in their instruction."

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Platinum Pre School
“One of the best things about BenQ Boards is that we can develop activities where they’re going to be interactive with each other.”

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Play & Learn Child Care Centre
“Technology empowers children to learn and grow. They want to engage with the interactive whiteboard. It's absolutely priceless.”

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سبورة بينكيو

سبورات بينكيو

الأسئلة الشائعة

  • ما هي كلاس روم كير؟

    ج: توفر بينكيو كلاس روم كير سولوشنز حلول طبقات حماية إضافية تساعد المعلمين في تدريس طلابهم بكل ثقة وطمأنينة في حين يتعلم الطلاب في نظام تفاعلي آمن

  • أي الشهادات قد حصلت عليها شاشات بينكيو المقاومة للجراثيم؟

    أقرت تي يو في راينلاند طلاء بينكبو غير السام المضاد للميكروبات لكونه فعالًا بنسبة 99.9٪ ضد البكتيريا الشائعة والأمراض الأخرى المسببة للجراثيم.

  • هل ستستمر بينكيو في تحديث شاشات العرض التفاعلية التي تعمل بنظام أندرويد 8؟

    ج: تعمل شاشات بينكيو بنسخة أندرويد 8 مخصصة تتضمن خاصيات مريحة وسهلة الاستخدام مثل أدوات الواجهة ، والإشارات المرجعية، وغيرها من التطبيقات المفيدة.

  • ما هي دقة شاشات بينكيو التفاعلية؟

    ج: تأتي جميع شاشات بينكيو التفاعلية بدقة 4K UHD.

المنتجات ذات الصلة

كاميرا ويب مدمجة بدقة Full HD | DVY31
يمكنك تقديم دروس عبر الإنترنت والانضمام إلى اجتماعات هيئة التدريس من أي مكان باستخدام كاميرا ويب خفيفة الوزن ومتكاملة تتميز بجودة صوت وفيديو ممتازة. يتميز DVY31 بمجال رؤية واسع يبلغ 92 درجة، ودقة عالية الوضوح بدقة 1080 بكسل ويتم ضبطه تلقائيًا حسب ظروف الإضاءة.

اتصل بقسم المبيعات

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كاميرا مؤتمرات ذكية 4K | DVY32
كن مرئيًا ومسموعًا كما لو كنت في نفس الغرفة مع كاميرا قوية مصممة لتحقيق الأداء الأمثل في أي بيئة تعليمية. يتميز DVY32 بمجال رؤية واسع يبلغ 120 درجة، وتأطير تلقائي مدعوم بالذكاء الاصطناعي وتكبير رقمي 5x.

اتصل بقسم المبيعات

معرفة المزيد

OPS slot-in PC | TEY21-i7
Increase your display’s computing power by plugging in the TEY21 slot-in PC, which comes pre-loaded with Windows 10.

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