Shopping Mall

Grabbing the attention of casual shoppers to transform them into determined buyers is made easy when the retail experience is heightened and in sync with shoppers’ needs. BenQ’s digital display solutions, including BlueCore Laser Projector, Interactive Signage and Double-Sided Signage, are designed to provide operators with great flexibility to excite customers and rev up the shopping experience.

Reasons why BenQ Display helps grab attentions for shopping malls
• Deliver high-impact, ultra-bright images on a variety of surfaces with flexible installation and maintenance-free operation through a BlueCore Laser Projector
• Eye-catching, easy to use and reliable, Interactive Signage improves wayfinding signage, not only helping consumers quickly find information but improving their overall shopping experience
• Present high quality content visible from both sides with Double-Sided Signage, the world’s thinnest panel signage
BlueCore Laser Projector
Immersive projection with Flexible Installation and Enduring Reliability
Long-lasting, Superior Image Quality with Ultra-high Brightness

The BlueCore Laser Projector, with unmatched high-lumen brightness, is designed to deliver long-lasting superior image quality; granting operators a platform for catching consumers’ attention quickly with eye-grabbing large images. Powered with a dual color wheel system, the BlueCore Laser Projector also ensures superior color performance that produces flawless RGBY color with enhanced color intensity, balance and fidelity.

Integrated Edge Blending Support for Panorama Display

Accounting for the intersecting spaces between adjacent images, Edge Blending automatically adjusts the brightness of overlapping images along the edge to present a seamless, multi-screen projection that is pleasing and attracts the eye. BenQ’s Color Matching further makes minute adjustments to calibrate any small differences in the color output profile between each projector, perfecting the massive image.

Geometric Correction for Perfect Circular Projection

Whether projecting in difficult corner spaces or atop uniquely shaped or curved surfaces, BenQ’s BlueCore Laster Projector can be adjusted to fit the image onto seemingly impossible surfaces. Corner Fit Correction allows operators to adjust each corner to perfectly fit the image along all edges, and Surface Fit makes it possible to bend the image to wrap around circular and curved surfaces.

360° and Portrait Projection Accommodate Different Spaces

With 360° and portrait projection, versatile projection is easy. BenQ’s BlueCore Laser Projector can accommodate any venue and project at any angle, allowing for reliable projection on walls, ceilings, floors or even angled signage.

Enduring Reliability for Maintenance-free Operation

The innovative BlueCore Laser Projector is designed to support 24/7 continuous operation. Built with a light source rated for 20,000 hours of operation at full brightness without lamp replacement, the BlueCore projector can perform uninterrupted throughout the day. Equipped with an internal advanced liquid cooling system, this laser projector is reliable and quiet, and its body is hermetically sealed to prevent dust damage and image degradation, so the stunning images can be continuously projected without quality loss.

Interactive Signage
Take Wayfinding a Step Further with Easy-to-Use Attention-Grabbing Signage
Multi-touch Capability

Accurate and reliable infrared technology makes for a high quality product. Easy to use and highly responsive, as a wayfinding display consumers can get the information they need immediately so they have no need to stop shopping.

24/7 Non-stop Operation

Built to last and work around the clock, BenQ’s Interactive Signage is reliable and demonstrates an impressively long lifespan of 50,000 hours and can work 24/7 for years.


DisplayPort is a new standard for digital audio/video transmission. With a whopping 10.8Gbps bandwidth, the DisplayPort can keep all promotional content attractive, distortion-free and in longer distances than conventional DVI and HDMI.

Flawless Display in Portrait View

Programmed to create tight fixing points between edges, BenQ’s Interactive Signage prevents “mura” image distortion, a frequently seen problem in many substandard vertical consumer displays. With Interactive Signage, gorgeous, perfect images can be displayed with confidence in either portrait or landscape view.


The PiP/PbP feature displays content from two independent video sources simultaneously, making visual and audio displays all the more convenient and flexible for business needs. Included in this feature is the PiP mode, which allows the sub-picture to be resized or relocated for the best presentation.

Double-Sided Signage
Dual-Sided Viewing from Any Angle World’s Slimmest
World’s Slimmest Aero-thin 23.4mm Panel Design

In utilizing a single, dual-sided display, BenQ has put forth the world’s slimmest aero-thin panel. At less than 23.4mm, about as wide as a thumb, this state-of-the-art technology has the benefit of being easy to install and attracting attention in the most unexpected locations.

A Clear View from Every Standpoint with High-brightness Screen

Engineered to incorporate A-MVA technology, BenQ’s Double-Sided Signage enables a symmetrical viewing angle of 178° from all directions. Beautiful, crystal clear images can be seen from anywhere, and with high brightness, the display can be enjoyed both in indoor and semi-outdoor locations.

Flawless Display in Portrait and Landscape View

To ensure flawless portrait display, a structure featuring more solid fixing points on all edges is employed to prevent “mura” image distortion commonly seen on vertically positioned consumer displays.

24/7 Non-stop Operation

A guaranteed long life, promising 50,000 hours of continuous non-stop display service, which translates to years of reliable industrial-class performance. This far exceeds the durability of competitor models.