Museum Exhibition

Museums are a place of exploration and discovery. To capture an audience, especially a young one, an inspiring atmosphere must take hold of the visitors. BenQ is dedicated to helping people see the world as it truly is. With a BlueCore Laser Projector, massive images can be delivered with long-lasting superior image quality through maintenance-free operation. Double-Sided Signage is able to catch visitors coming and going from every angle, and Color Management Monitors provide honest-to-life colors and moments from around the globe.

How BenQ Displays makes museum exhibitions immersive
  • Present big moments in history or some of nature’s most wonderful discoveries with the maintenance-free BlueCore Laser Projector that can project ultra-bright images onto any surface through dynamic, flexible installations
  • Capable of a symmetrical view from every angle, BenQ’s Double-Sided Signage is ideal for delivering content anywhere in a museum
  • Provide guests with images that maintain every detail and are true-to-life with a Color Management Monitor
BlueCore Laser Projector
Flexible Installation and Unmatched Versatility in a Powerful, Enduring Projector
Superior Image Quality with Ultra-high Brightness

Engineered to house a single high-powered blue laser light with a superb high-lumens brightness, BenQ’s BlueCore Laser Projector is a groundbreaking unit that provides a versatile and reliable projection. Powered with a dual color wheel system, the BlueCore Laser Projector also ensures superior color performance that produces flawless RGBY color with enhanced color intensity, balance and fidelity. Therefore, even in spaces with bright ambience, operators still can deliver stunning images that make lasting impressions.

WUXGA Resolution for Enhanced Detail and Expanded Content

Exceeding the limitations of Full HD 1080p’s image quality, WUXGA (1920 x 1200) offers a higher quality native resolution, providing an edge over the competition. The BlueCore Laser Projector through WUXGA can project images with every gorgeous detail in high resolution.

Perfect Image Alignment with Geometric Correction

Designed to accommodate any space, whether it be corners, uniquely shaped or curved surfaces, BenQ’s BlueCore Laser Projector can be adjusted to perfectly form fit images onto seemingly impossible surfaces. With Corner Fit Correction, operators can alter each corner of an image to fit along all edges, meanwhile Surface Fit provides operators with the freedom to match display content to circular or curved surfaces.

Integrated Edge Blending Support for Panorama Display

The BlueCore Laser is able to automatically integrate multiple projected images into a single seamless picture. Through Integrated Edge Blending, the images will be manipulated along the edges to match each projected image in a sequence, ultimately allowing for a beautiful single panoramic projection.

Enduring Reliability for Maintenance-free Operation

The innovative BlueCore Laser Projector is designed to support 24/7 continuous operation. Built with a light source rated for 20,000 hours of operation at full brightness without lamp replacement, the BlueCore projector can perform uninterrupted throughout the day. Equipped with an internal advanced liquid cooling system, this laser projector is reliable and quiet, and its body is hermetically sealed to prevent dust damage and image degradation, so the stunning images can be continuously projected without quality loss.

HDBaseT Advanced Digital Connectivity

HDBaseT connectivity saves operators time by unifying multiple devices from multiple sources into a single CAT5 cable. Through one cable, PCs, laptops, document camera, Blu-ray, DVD players and video game consoles can easily be connected to the BlueCore Laser Projector.

Double-Sided Signage
Ultra Slim, Versatile Dual-Sided Signage with a Symmetrical View from Every Angle
World’s Slimmest Aero-thin 23.4mm Panel Design

In releasing this Double-Sided Signage, BenQ has established itself as the creator of the world’s slimmest aero-thin panel. Measuring a mere 23.4mm wide, about as wide as a thumb, this revolutionary technology has the benefit of providing a symmetrical view from every angle and is easy to install onto walls and ceilings.

A Clear View from Every Standpoint with High-brightness Screens

Taking full advantage of A-MVA technology, BenQ’s Double-Sided Signage provides a symmetrical viewing angle of 178° from every direction. Stellar, brilliant images will be visible from anywhere in the museum. Additionally, BenQ engineered the signage to be visible in indoors and semi-outdoor locations, so it can even greet visitors as they enter.

Flawless Display in Portrait and Landscape View

Whether fixed in portrait or landscape view, Double-Sided Signage delivers a fantastic image quality. Thanks to its tight fixing points between edges, the “mura” image distortion seen in many vertical displays is noticeably absent in BenQ’s signage.

Color Management Monitor
See Images Exactly as They Were Meant to be Seen
QHD Resolution for the Sharpest Detail

The revolutionary QHD (2560 x 1440) picture quality, powered by the superior 10-bit display, ensures every inch of the image is packed with 109 pixels, allowing every detail to be displayed with sensational clarity and accuracy.

10-bit, 99% Adobe RGB Color Space with IPS Technology

A monitor capable of delivering correct colors in the true vivid range in which they were captured, BenQ’s Color Management Monitor delivers an image quality that maintains the powerful moments in which the scenes were witnessed. It is guaranteed to cover 99% Adobe RGB color space and ensure that every color – more than 1 billion colors in all - is faithfully represented with optimal precision. In addition, IPS Technology makes it possible for the picture to be enjoyed from many angles without visual distortion.

Precise Calibration for Optimal Color Performance
Hardware Calibration Support

Hardware Calibration Support provides a simple way for operators to adjust the monitor’s image processing chip without needing to change graphics card output data; thereby avoiding gradation damage and incorrect colors or color temperatures.

Palette Master Element Color Calibration Software

Exclusive Palette Master Element Color Calibration Software provides operators with total access to the monitor’s coloring system, so that it can be changed for optimal performance with maximal efficiency.