96% of OR staff believe video integration is key to addressing modern surgical challenges. BenQ’s Surgical Display is designed to meet surgeons' exacting image-quality requirements for streamlined operation room. Whether installed in an endoscopy room, interventional suite or hybrid OR, the Surgical Display offers unrivaled compatibility and stunning clarity that will aid surgeons’ precision and productivity and improve medical outcomes.

See How BenQ Display Meets the Diverse Needs in the OR
  • Powered with multi-modality readiness and pinpoint color rendering, BenQ’s Surgical Display is engineered to deliver real-time, high accuracy imagery for surgery and endoscopy at every mission-critical moment.
Surgical Display
Unmatched Performance that Surgeons Can Rely On
Accurate (3D LUT) Color Rendering

Offering more advanced color performance than conventional LUT, 3D LUT provides full volumetric color-space control. By employing a 3D lattice of output RGB color values that can be indexed by sets of input RGB color values, 3D LUT makes even the slightest of color variations easily perceptible.

Extensive I/O Ports for Comprehensive Compatibility

Equipped with both legacy (VGA and S-Video) and modern (DVI and 3G-SDI) video interfaces, the Surgical Display is compatible with the widest-possible range of analog and digital equipment. Broad input support allows surgeons to clearly visualize the detail of HD endoscopic video, patient and surgery information, pathology images and more, while a wide array of outputs allow for hassle-free connectivity to digital equipment such as color printers.

Dual-Source Display for Double the Information

Surgeons can display two independent video sources side-by-side on a single monitor with Picture-By-Picture mode, or use Picture-In-Picture mode to place one source in a smaller window within the main window. Additional viewpoints allow physicians observe problem areas from multiple angles while their eyes remain focused on a single screen. To achieve the ultimate flexibility, color temperature and gamma values can also be adjusted independently for each source.

Greater Color Range

Featuring 14-bit color LUTs, the Surgical Display has been designed to provide a dramatically expanded range of color values. This vivid differentiation of colors allows surgeons to identify even minor distinctions of hue, making it easier to notice important details during both routine operations and emergency surgeries.

Normal and Mirror Viewing Options

By combining a pair of Surgical Displays with a single output device, operators can present both a normal view and a mirror image. This feature can provide separate views for different users or two views for a single user as needed.

Advanced Signal Processing

BenQ’s Surgical Displays utilize signal processing chips that have been selected for speed and accuracy. Video signals from input sources such as endoscopic cameras are rendered on-screen without lag, ghosting, or other visual artifacts, thereby ensuring surgeons have a perfect view of the area of interest.

Contamination-Reducing Fanless Design

The BenQ Surgical Display’s fan-free design results in a lighter, more compact device that's ideally suited to the operation room environment. The absence of moving parts also cuts down on ambient noise and reduces the risk of circulating airborne pathogens.

IPX3-Rated Spill-Resistant Housing

Featuring a sealed front and IPX3-rated housing, the BenQ Surgical Display’s exterior has been specially designed to prevent liquid infiltration and damage. The streamlined design also makes cleaning easy and ensures operators always have a crystal-clear view of on-screen items.