PD2500Q 25 inch 2K QHD IPS DesignVue Designer Monitor

Make Inspirations Come Alive with AQCOLOR Tech
  • 100% Rec. 709 and sRGB with IPS Panel
  • 25" 2K QHD 16:9 IPS Monitor
  • Darkroom, CAD/CAM and Animation Display Mode
Special Promotion
    PD2500Q 25 inch 2K QHD IPS DesignVue Designer Monitor Make Inspirations Come Alive with AQCOLOR Tech
    • 100% Rec. 709 and sRGB with IPS Panel
    • 25" 2K QHD 16:9 IPS Monitor
    • Darkroom, CAD/CAM and Animation Display Mode
    Special Promotion
      Precise Details to Create Perfection

      Design professionals never compromise on details. BenQ Designer Monitors deliver absolute color precision and ultra detailed high resolution to craft every step leading to brilliant work, turning design dreams into reality.

      Stunning Color and Resolution for Breathtaking Designs
      2K QHD High Resolution

      2K QHD (2560x1440) resolution offers extraordinary clarity of fine details and depth of subtle textures optimized for visually intensive work in animation, visual effects, graphics, and photos.

      Reference-Grade Color Performance with 100% sRGB and Rec. 709

      Covering 100% of sRGB and Rec. 709 color spaces, PD2500Q’s advanced IPS wide viewing angle technology minimizes color shift to inspire absolute design confidence. 100% sRGB color gamut accuracy adheres to industry standards in digital production, and Rec. 709 reproduces accurate resolution, frame rate, color gamut, gamma, and white point performance in high-definition video work.

      Professionally Factory-Calibrated for Exacting Color Accuracy

      Each PD2500Q display is individually factory-calibrated upon production to assure precise Delta-E and Gamma performance. Calibration results are validated against industry color standards to deliver the truest and most representative view of original content.

      *Calibration eliminates slight color performance variations between individual panels of the same model. Therefore, the calibration data of each report will vary slightly from reports from other displays of the same model.

      Technicolor Color Certified

      The Technicolor Color Certified program is reserved for devices that satisfy the Technicolor specifications to meet the strict standards for color accuracy widely used in Hollywood and throughout the entertainment industries. All BenQ PD Series Designer Monitors are Technicolor Color Certified, ensuring consistent and accurate colors for impressive performance in broadcast, film, animation, and entertainment applications.

      Smart Efficiency and Productivity Enhancers
      Edge-to-Edge Design and Universal Connectivity

      Eliminating bulky obstructions with a 25” edge-to-edge panel and ultra slim bezels, PD2500Q maximizes your workspace for seamless dual-monitor usage via DisplayPort daisy chaining with multi-stream transport (MST) support to extend your notebook screen across several displays. Multiple HDMI, DisplayPort, mini DisplayPort, USB 3.1 Gen1, headphone, and audio ports make PD2500Q ideal for any Windows, Mac, or mobile source devices.

      CAD/CAM Mode:

      Offering superior contrast for lines and shapes in technical illustrations, CAD/CAM mode accentuates the finest details to produce incredible display performance in Pro/E, SOLIDWORKS, AutoCAD, CATIA, or other design software.

      Animation Mode:

      Often problematic for designers working with intricate details in dark images, Animation mode enhances the brightness of dark areas without overexposing bright regions. Animation mode provides 10 levels of display brightness to bring out every subtlety clearly in any ambient lighting.

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      Simply Intuitive Design for Comfortable Creative Process
      Anti-Glare Display to Minimize Distracting Reflections

      PD2500Q’s anti-glare matte finish keeps distracting reflections to a minimum for improved efficiency in squint-free comfort.

      Ergonomic Design for Tailored Workspaces

      An extensive range of height, tilt, pivot, stroke, and swivel adjustments customize your workstation for the perfect fit. When used in portrait mode, PD2500Q’s smart screen orientation sensor auto-rotates source content to display images in full context.

      *Display Pilot auto-rotation software requires Windows OS.

      Pioneering World-Class Eye Care
      Flicker-Free Technology

      Exclusive BenQ Flicker-Free Technology eliminates the harmful flicker of traditional LCDs to prevent fatigue and vision damage.

      Brightness Intelligence Technology

      Brightness Intelligence Technology monitors the amount of ambient light in your viewing environment and makes automatic adjustments according to ambient lighting and intensity of on-screen content to ensure that bright scenes don’t get overexposed while enhancing details in dark areas to maintain a visible level of clarity.