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10.6 ft ~ 13.1 ft
Average Lit Room (300 > x > 10 Lux)
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4K HDR Premium Home Theater Projector Powered by Android TV | W2700i
True 4K UHD 8.3 Million pixels resolution and HDR-PRO™
BenQ CinematicColorTM for 95% DCI-P3 and 100% Rec.709 colour accuracy
Google-certified Android TV and Google Play store
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  • True 4K UHD resolution with 8.3M pixels
  • BenQ CinematicColor™ for cinema industry’s 100% DCI-P3/Rec.709 color space
  • HDR-PRO™ projector-optimized HDR technology (HDR10/HLG support)



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