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Wireless Presentation / InstaShow™ Plug-n-Play Wireless Presentation Solution / InstaShow™ WDC10C / Q&A

Plug and Play USB-C Wireless Presentation Device | InstaShow™ WDC10C

  • Plug and Play Wireless Presentation with USB-C port (with DP Alt Mode)

  • No Software Installation and Execution

  • WPA2 Data Protection


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  • Is InstaShow S (WDC20) compatible with other meeting systems, such as CISCO SX10/SX20 and Polycom group 500?
  • If I buy an InstaShow in one country, can I use it in another country?
  • Is InstaShow WDC10C compatible with all type-C devices?
  • Type-C with DisplayPort (Alt mode) is required. User can check it on devices' Spec Sheet. 


    *the requirement above applies to all wireless presentation system with Type-C, BenQ products included. 

  • If I buy an InstaShow in one country, can I use it in another country?
  • Your product is in compliance with the local wireless regulations and the warranties are valid in the country/region where the product is purchased. Use of the product outside the purchased country/region does not guarantee the wireless functionalities. BenQ highly recommends that you buy the product in your own country to ensure that it functions properly and that you will have a full warranty and after sales service.