Whykids Institute Draws upon BenQ’s Excellence in Interactive Displays for Education
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  • 2021-10-29
BenQ large-format displays with Whykids Institute



Whykids Institute (Suwon Yeongtong Branch) had been relying on old laptops and displays for leading classes. In order to improve interactivity and engagement, they wished to switch to touchscreen displays that could operate without connected laptops.



Whykids Institute brought in 4 RP6501K 65” Interactive Displays for Education, which come with many health-oriented features such as Eye-Care, germ-resistant screens, and built-in air quality measuring.


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  • BenQ RP6501K 65” Interactive Displays for Education





Whykids Institute sought new interactive displays to replace aging laptops and monitors in its classrooms



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The BenQ RP6501K Interactive Displays for Education have introduced new methods of teaching to Whykids Institute’s classrooms, making them more interactive than ever. The education displays have proven to be able partners for explaining teaching materials, drawing pictures, and gathering and organizing opinions.


Whykids Institute is an educational institute that endeavors to develop the skills and abilities of talented children throughout South Korea. With dozens of branches across the country, Whykids Institute has hundreds of teachers working towards the singular goal of improving the educational opportunities and outcomes of children nationwide.

At the Suwon Yeongtong Branch of Whykids Institute, instructors wanted to make classes more engaging and interactive, but were struggling with older technology. The outdated laptops and monitors in the classrooms were a hassle to set up and run, and were not capable of handling touchscreen input. Whykids Institute wished to resolve these issues, preferably with an all-in-one solution that could streamline the classroom by handling all digital media and teaching materials without a connected laptop.

BenQ large-format displays with Whykids Institute
BenQ large-format displays with InstaShare for Whykids Institute

To better understand the marketplace for education flat panels and make an informed decision, Whykids Institute turned to their technical partner, Owra Inc., which specializes in finding the right technology for every situation. After assessing the institute’s needs, Owra recommended the BenQ RP6501K 65” Interactive Displays for Education. With features including ClassroomCare®, screen recording, and built-in Android OS, the RP6501K seemed to be the perfect match for Whykids Institute’s intended usage.

One key quality of the RP6501K 65” Interactive Display for Education is its focus on health, with features including an anti-germ screen, eye care, and live air quality monitoring. The anti-germ screen has proven especially important during the pandemic period, easing the minds of teachers and parents alike by offering children extra protection. Meanwhile, Eye-Care technology ensures that students’ developing eyes are not exposed to harmful levels of blue light. And rounding up the trio of health features, live air-quality monitoring tracks CO2 levels in the classroom so that teachers can take corrective measures when the classroom atmosphere is compromised.

Of course, BenQ interactive displays are also at the top of their class when it comes to education-friendly features. InstaShare ensures that mirroring content to and from a tablet is convenient, while EZWrite makes note-taking and drawing on the board a pleasure, allowing teachers to write clearly and students to get creative with numerous brushes and colors. Finally, instructor-friendly features such as easy cloud-storage access and Tap ‘n Teach, which allows teachers to log in by tapping an NFC card to the display, make sure that prepared teaching materials are quickly accessible no matter where class is taking place. Better yet, instructors can make on-the-fly changes to their notes and materials and upload those changes directly to the cloud for future access.

BenQ large-format displays with Whykids Institute
BenQ large-format displays with EZWrite for Whykids Institute

The new BenQ Interactive Displays for Education have been a game changer at Whykids Institute, especially so during the pandemic period, during which time some classes have been forced to move online. Teachers enjoy using the apps that come pre-installed on the BenQ displays, and also love being able to call up images, videos, documents, and even webpages without the need for a laptop. Parents are also pleased with the new displays, knowing that the anti-germ screens help protect their children during this sensitive time. All in all, parents, students, teachers, and staff are highly satisfied with the interactive display technology from BenQ, and would recommend it to other Whykids Institute branches throughout the nation.

BenQ large-format displays with EZWrite Collaborative whiteboard for Force Defense Academy

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