3 Reasons Why Laser Projectors Belong in the Classroom


It’s tough to sort through technical specifications and marketing jargon to understand the value of a laser projector for the classroom. Here are the three critical reasons why they’re the best option when looking at projection technology.

Reason 1: Accurate Color Equals Greater Comprehension

82% More Effective

With today’s use of smart devices, the expectation is that images should always be presented in the highest possible quality. Yellowed or washed out images can be hard to read and impact student performance. BenQ BlueCore laser classroom projectors are designed to produce not only bright, vibrant color but also accurate color. Accurate color is especially helpful in learning spaces as a biology lab, and it can also help students retain information 82% more effectively. BlueCore technology delivers near perfect Rec. 709 accuracy — the same color space used in the discerning color mastering of TV and movies. 

Reason 2: Prevent Interruptions that Cost Valuable Class Time

Reliable Operation

Schools using lamp-based projectors often experience technical issues related to lamp replacement, dust, and other issues. Those issues all require time, resources, and money to fix. A reliable laser projector, such as the BenQ LU710, LW720, LW820ST, or LW890UST, not only eliminates the recurring costs of lamp replacements, they also feature a filter-free sealed laser engine with an IP5X rating — a certification given to the most popular and rigorously tested mobile and smart watch technology available today — to prevent dust accumulation. They also power up and shut down in seconds. There’s no need to wait around to get lessons started!

Reason 3: High ROI, Low TCO


The biggest hurdle for schools is maintenance and operation costs. While laser projectors have a higher initial investment, when compared to the total cost of ownership of lamp-based projectors, they’re much more budget friendly. BenQ’s BlueCore laser projectors deliver a bright, color-accurate image for 20,000 hours – about 10 to 12 years of use in a typical classroom. A traditional projector lamp has an average life of 2,000 hours, with brightness that deteriorates from the moment it starts burning. After accounting for the base price and the cost of replacing and recycling bulbs, a lamp-based projector of comparable lumen output could cost twice as much to operate and maintain over the course of its life. In the enterprise world, one study showed that an organization with 400 projectors could spend up to 7.5 man-weeks every year just replacing bulbs. There’s also the cost of filters, which BenQ eliminates with a completely sealed design.

BlueCore technology excels in color performance for greater engagement and comprehension while BenQ’s innovative dust-proof design prolongs the life of the projector. BenQ’s laser projectors are also compatible with BenQ’s InstaShow wireless presentation system, allowing every student to collaborate onscreen with their own device, at their seat, with ease. BenQ BlueCore laser classroom projectors ace every area of concern.

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